Friday, October 31, 2008


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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Can you guess???

We have a new game we like to play at our house....Now that little Andrea Bev is little Miss Mischievious, she likes to get into everything, throw everything around, not eat her food and just loves watching her mom clean behind her ( right after she already cleaned it).

The game is called----"CAN YOU GUESS WHICH ROOM ANDY HAS BEEN IN?" . I bet you will only need one try....Now, in her defense...we did JUST move and there are still plenty of boxes to go through...So Can you guess???

I have actually been amazed at how clean everything has kept. The key is to just clean it when she goes to bed at night. I am so grateful to the relief society for helping with the boxes, the elder's quorum for helping move them and to my husband for doing everything!!! There is still alot to do, but at least we can live in it now and find everything we need.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Glad Game....

So I am sitting here...looking at all I need to do to pack, dreading my doctors appointment tomorrow, and just not wanting to be responsible and face anything real. I think this is the best time to put into action the GLAD GAME.

For those of you who are NOT familiar with this classic, I am SOOOO SORRY!! Go and see it today. We watched it all the time growing up. Pollyanna throughout the whole movie plays this "game" in which she chooses to find the good out of ANY situation she is in, no matter how difficult or stressful it is. As a child, I just thought it was a fun show. As an adult, when my sister-in law let me borrow it to watch the other day, I did not expect to be bawling my eyes out . I love that there is such an example to learn from.

So here are the things I am glad about today:

  • My little angel knows her momma
  • My sister in law made me dinner and talked with me
  • My husband has a steady job
  • We have internet at the moment so I can write about this
  • My beautiful little nephew Malakai that was just born.
  • my primary kids who claimed they will miss me when I leave
  • Our new apartment we are moving to

This is more of a grateful list...but it really partains to today. I just needed that to feel less overwhelmed with life. So here's to things to be "glad" about....

Monday, October 6, 2008


So today I had a dentist appointment to refill some old filling(S). Long story short---I have nothing against a dentist, I am related to a few and I think they are nice, and vital and important...I still have a fear of going to them...

I am currently in a lot of pain, my head is throbbing, I am so hungry but I can't even imagine eating without impending death. A little drama and over the top I know, I really just hurt so bad.

I am actually worried something isn't right and I might have to go back. My dentist actually is really great and makes me feel great, he can't help that he has to drill down hard and it really kills ( even being numb, something about the sound and pressure). I actually think I need to end this post, writing about it isn't helping.

So, thank you Dr., for helping me out, you did an excellent job...just don't take offense when I say I really hope I don't have to see you for a long time!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Fall Football with BYU!!!

Fall Football season is my favorite time of year. It is something that is hard to describe. Besides the fact that my great grandpa, grandpa, and dad played football at BYU ( and my grandpa's number is retired---I will tell that whole story one day), I just love watching cougar football.

For as long as I can remember it is a long standing tradition in my family--something that just brings us all together watching BYU games. As I am sitting here alone on a friday night (Steve is working) watching number 7 ranked BYU cream USU, my mind is reflecting on my BYU football experiences.
I was born in Provo, my first game was as a baby. I attended BYU games throughout my life. I remember when they re-retired my grandpa's number and I got to be on the football stadium during halftime to be a part of it.

I remember crushing on Ty Detmer, wanting to marry Steve Young...and nearly passing out with joy when BYU called my brother to have him on the team ( he is on his mission right now)... Most cougar fans don't know what it means to be a true blue fan. Here are a few of my points---
I have had this discussion with several of my BYU friends throughout the years...First--you must wear blue and only blue o the game. So what if you go into debt to buy a blue coat, it is worth it. Second, no matter how far ahead BYU is--you CANNOT leave the game early. Even if it is pouring snow and we are ahead by 50 points. Third, you cannot leave the game if there is no way for us to come back. A true blue fan will always have faith in their team. Fourth, you must learn the fight song and chant it in your oponents ears. Oh, there is so much more...If you are a true blue fan--you must be aware of your one rival---There is always something to be said about the BYU/UTAH rivalry.

It seems to be my lot in life that people who I am very closely connected to have some connection to that OTHER school. Whether it is close friends, boys I had a crush on, fellow missionary elders, or our next door neighbors---there was always someone around to rival with. That other school does not yet seem to understand that BYU is infact number one. They are the best. There is nothing that compares to them.
I have usually made a bet or something of some sort every year. From spray painting to dying someone's urine blue, chalking a house, shredding paper, there is something so great about just pushing in the face a brilliant victory. So i say again to my untouched team this year---GO COUGARS!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

From 3 to 7

About two weeks ago my husband, baby and I stayed with our neices and nephews while their parents went out of town...

All I can say is that my eyes were completely opened and I have a brand new appreciation for mothers with more than one kid...especially 4 kids...

Our days started with me waking up at 6 ish so I could make breakfast for the kids...Then at 6:45 we call all the kids for scripture study ( I actually liked that part)...

We sent the highschool kids off to school then sent the others. When they were at school, I tried to feed and bathe Andy, and get prepped for after school. After school consisted of picking up from football, taking to football, soccer practice, scouts, making dinner, eating dinner, cleaning up dinner.....That's just one day. The craziest was on the Thursday. My nephew had a football game and in the middle my neice had to be taken to and picked up from ballet, where right after my other nephew had to be picked up from football, then dinner, then take my other nephew to a class...

It was actually so much fun and I got really close with all of them. As I stated before...I have a whole new respect for the job of a momma. I barely had time to clean up anything. If truth be told Andy was the hardest of all of them...She needed the most attention. I am glad we had such a good time as we are doing the exact same thing next week.....