Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No reason at all!!

Two days ago my husband took the car and for no reason at all came home with these flowers....

It has been a while since I have gotten flowers just cause. This was a good surprise. White roses are my FAVORITE flower---they are the flower we had my wedding, and I LOVE THE ARRANGEMENT!!
Thanks Sweetie, I love it and I love you!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our Arizona/St. George Easter trip!!

Easter in Arizona is becoming a tradition for our family. I was in the Easter pageant in Arizona years ago, which is what got Steve to come down. We went there this year, and stayed at an AMAZING Hilton Hotel ( one of the best hotels I have ever stayed in)....
These are pictures of us hanging out in our hotel. The sad thing is we wanted some good weather, but it was cold and rainy the entire time...but we still went swimming. We got to see lots of our friends and the place we use to work.

The hotel had a huge Easter event with the Easter bunny. Andy LOVED the bunny, not like santa at all!!

We decided to go to the temple and take pictures with Andy walking around. The temple is "our place" and is so beautiful!

This is my favorite picture of all of them. She is just so happy to be walking around.

What a cute gal!!

The flowers there are so dang pretty!!

Andy wanted to touch everything

Our trip was so great. We saw Rodda, Raquel and Ed, Suzanna...lots of people and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We went to the Easter Pageant, which I think everyone should see in their lives.
The second we walked to the the temple grounds for the pageant and heard the hymns, I, of course, started crying. Such a wonderful spirit. It is different since I was in it.
We were also happy we got to stay with Heather and Mckay and hang out with Jacob. Besides the problems on the way home, the trip was wonderful and we would love to do it again!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Too depressed to post!!!

I don't think I have ever gone this long without posting before. So much has happened, I am going to vent for a minute.

We went to Arizona ( I will be giving details of that on a different post), on the way home our vehicle (our one and ONLY vehicle) started having problems. Upon arriving home, two minutes after the fact I head to urgent care. After taking care of that, then recovering from sheer exhaustion---we discover our tv is on the fritz ( the volume goes in and out, in and out--fun fun). We then discover we have lost our camera so have no pics, and no way of taking pics.

So, you can understand why I have not posted. I have been too depressed to post, whenever I think about it, I think about the fact that I have no pics cause no camera. And in the middle of all this, of course, we are applying for medical school again---so we CANNOT afford it.

Other than that, we are great. We are looking at buying another car and havev no clue how to do it. So any ideas would be great!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

After St. George ARCHIE Concert

Like alot of events in my life....this one falls under the category of UNBELIEVABLE!! If I had not experienced it myself, I would not beleive it....if you aren't going to believe it, don't waste time reading...

The concert was over, and let me just reiterate that it wasn't THAT crowded, but was still amazing. Since we had seen David pre-show for a bit, we knew where he would be POST SHOW. So, we decided since we were staying somewhere really close, and we didn't have any plans...we would wait around .
So, we just "hung out" with other people who had the same idea. We were not prepared for the cold or anything really for that matter.

Dixie's own little security gaurds were there ,goofing off, going on power trips all over the place. We actually made friends with a few of them.

Ever person kept telling us something different. "David is gone already" , "oh, actually he is at his AFTER party" ( we confirmed he wasn't cause we called someone who was AT it to verify). After a while, we started telling our Archie stories and ran into a girl, Raegan and her family (that is her in the pic below)

We told them that we were going to wait out the duration to see him. We became fast friends with Raegan, as we shared similar interests. Her family left, but we told her she needed to hang with us.

After about an hour, the crowd started dwindling... Archie's manager RAY came out ( at the time I didn't realize it was him) and told us we needed to leave, he wasn't there...blah blah blah. I am actually going to edit those details because he was HORRIBLE HORRIBLE to us!!!

What we never got was if he, in fact, was NOT there, why was the security there? And Why was his manager there? They again ALL kept giving us different, unbeleivable info. His manager comes out AGAIN, then says something like "YOU ARE STILL HERE?" What kind of psycho freaks are still here?"

I don't remember all the details of EVERYTHING he said, just the way he made us all feel. He made us all feel like dirt. He kept telling us to respect his privacy and not to be the people that we are. I know that after the fact we all said we were close to tears. This guy was going OFF on us. I could NOT beleive that his manager was so ruthless and meanspirited. We were doing nothing illegal, we weren't being loud ( I know, hard to beleive) or crossing ANY lines.

Did he know his client, was, DAVID ARCHULETTA? Did he know the kind of crowds that followed him? If David knew what was happening, would he let it happen? RAY kept saying something like David was afraid to come out. He just kept going OFF and off and telling us we were so out of line.

Finally Raegan, got up some courage and started responding to RAY. She was saying I don't think we are doing anything wrong, we know David came out and saw people in BOISE ( there was a man there who confirmed that the SAME stuff happened at the concert in BOISE, manager came out, said he was gone...then David comes out and talks with everyone).

So, we waited some more. LONG story short, the manager comes out again and tells us that we are bad people ( I actually had tears in my eyes). Then, a COP comes out and says "I think you should go home now."

So, our friend Reagan is there by herself and we know we can't leave her there. So, we tell her to get in the car (where at this point the cop is pushing us away and we are trying to tell him to hold up while we figure things out). Reagan starts crying, then calls her mom. ( skipping so much it isn't even funny)

My mom is there at that point and drives with us to the temple to meet her mom cause everyone knows where the temple is. We wait for FOREVER (her mom is at the after party).

Her mom shows up in a car and says thanks. Then, Kaylie all of a sudden says " I think that is David's Dad in the car". " are we delusional now?' I kept saying that was impossible.

If Raegan knew them, then why was she waiting. So, we have to go home (and our place is RIGHT by the venue) when we see Reagan's car pull in front of us and right to David's bus. At this point, we were so confused, freaked out and just crazy we did not know what was going on. So, we followed. (I forgot to mention she gave us her cell number, we went through alot). Come to find out it WAS David's dad ( we still don't know how he was in their car and the connection.

We were DONE at this point so just decided to go home (Reagan never met him, he was ASLEEP apparently).

Part 2 of the end of the night---yes there is more!!

Mom is driving the car right in front of where we were suppose to be and all of a sudden--she BLACKS out!! (NOT KIDDING). She forgets she is at the wheel, isn't driving and starts asking where she is. I actually slap her across the face and say STOP, push the break!!!!

She is so out of it, we weren't going that I jumped out of the car, ran around and jumped on the break and on her. (COME TO FIND OUT WHILE AT THE TEMPLE LOT WAITING SHE TOOK A SLEEPING PILL)--we found that out later of course.

I tell Kaylie at this point to take mom inside while I park the car, and Jessica to stay with me cause I didn't want to be alone.

We park across the street when we see a cop pull up. NO CLUE WHAT HE WANTS OR WHY HE IS THERE. He stopped his car to the side of us, blocking us from walking across the street. We get out, he gets out. Then he says "are you guys coming from the concert?" We, of course say "NO." He says" good, cause this car fits the description of a car that was stalking David and we need to find and question those people."

We say we were just headed home....and need to get in...Then he lets us go.

UNBELEIVABLE!!!!---Came inside with a sour taste in our mouths. It felt like the night was ruined and Archie really wasn't that cool if he had a manager like that. We were so upset, going to tears. And, of course, this story no one really beleives, so that doesn't help.


We did go to the concert in Salt Lake, a little shooken up ( still keeping contact with Reagan). The manager while in St. George said if we had acted differently he would have let us meet him ( if we would have been different, we would not have been there and NEVER could meet him then---DUH). We seriously thought that the manager would see us and make us leave--I wish I could protray just how awful he was to us so we would feel this way.

My sister decided she wanted to be the bigger person and find RAY after the concert and apologize. We had thought it over and realized how we could have come across a little on the scary crazy side (it was just cause no one was there and we were the ONLY ones) and how RAY was really just protecting his client. No matter how poorly he was doing it and how he made us feel, we should apologize.

So, we found him AFTER the concert and he remembered us. We actually had a nice chat and said we were sorry we were a little crazy. (TO PUT IT SHORT)

LONG STORY SHORT---we still love ARchie, this is the longest post ever. Still a little at odds with his manager, but aren't afraid to go to his concerts anymore!!