Saturday, September 18, 2010

Back and forth, where are we now?

This is the LONGEST I have EVER been without writing in my blog.  EVER!  Life has always been busy, and right now- it isn't too diff than normal, yet it has been weeks and months since I have written.  WOW

 I still have yet to update on life in New Orleans, or "life in a hotel" I should say ( at least until Oct. 25th).  On Aug. 21st I ventured to Oregon to visit with all my family and be here for my brother "nate's" wedding.  Well, after being a here a bit, we decided it might be good to have a home setting for a bit and be around family ( don't know if will be coming back to OREGON for a few years) while we can...

 So now, four weeks later, I am still in Oregon with my gals and my hubby is still in New Orleans attending all his classes.  My official return-to-NOLA date is next Friday Sept 24th. 

 For now I am enjoying having grandma, grampa, and Auntie Kaylie around to help with the kids, and enjoying having a kitchen, and bedrooms for my gals!  It is also nice having it be a little cold here ( I here it is still blazing hot in NOLA).

 My hubby is "living a student life" not having a family around...IT is really hard to study in a hotel room where there is not space, or area of separation for the gals who want their daddy, so I hope he is getting some good studying done!  I figured we won't be seeing much of him ( since when we are in a hotel, he studies on campus) while we live in a hotel...

 I am anxious to truly start our life in New Orleans, to have an address, a place that we can all call home and truly get involved.  We have already made friends and I have a calling of music person ( all things music, including playing of hymns I am in charge of). 

 My hubby keeps reminding me that my "home" is in New Orleans, not in Oregon, and this is true...I just am excited to really feel that way when we are finally settled.  For now, we are in forever transient mode and hoping that as of OCT 23rd we can move on base into a fun little place.  I will try and keep this updated!