Monday, June 30, 2008

Matching Fam

My hubby truly is the best. We had a friend in our old single ward get married. So, Steve, Andy and I made a trip to Provo to celebrate the occasion. I just love that my hubby will go for about anything. He will match us as long is there is something to match. This is love I tell you. We couldn't get little Andy to smile, but I really love that we were all matching somehow. Thanks for being willing to wear the fun matches babe!!

Friday, June 27, 2008


I actually love tags---I think you learn about people from them. So, here goes...

What I was doing 10 years ago: I was turning 19 and just finishing my freshman year of college. I was probably feeling lonely at this time cause all my friends were going on missions. I went home and worked at American Express (remember that fam) for the summer...YIKES!

5 years ago: Going to turn 24. I had been off my mission for just a few months and was really really really having a hard time with that fact, missing that life. I had just moved in with a friend from my mission to MILLER, where I met my hubby for the first time...

1 year ago: I was in my last trimester of pregnancy and it was getting hard. Around this time is when I ended up in the hospital with hypertension and everything else that could go wrong. My feet had literally exploded. Fun times, what a miracle came out of that.

Yesterday: I spent most of the day with my Aunt Sherri and my cousins. We were just hanging out and goofing off, a much needed time with the family. I also made sure to watch " So you think you can Dance."

5 favorite snacks: Popcorn with tuna, cheetos, twix, blizzard and strawberries.

5 favorite books: Harry Potter Series, Twilight Series, Children of the Promise Series, any John Grisham book, Scriptures

5 fave places to run away: My aunt Sherri's house, The Park, My sister-in-law Maureen's house, driving in the car, Walmart

5 bad habits: not doing daily dishes, not making bed daily, obsession with AI, never wearing makeup, never doing my hear (ok, almost never)

5 things I would never wear:Anything a size small, Daisy Dukes, toe ring, cut off shirt, mini skirt

5 pet peeves: When people run away from you, When people hang up on you, texting while driving, having a phone call be more important than the present conversation or situation, people who sue people just cause they can

5 things I enjoy: blogging, reading, the olympics, singing, dancing

5 favorite t.v. shows: Friends, Gilmore Girls, American Idol, So You think you can Dance, Biggest Loser


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

When will it be over????

First off--- about the MCAT

---IT'S OVER!!! It is finally over...YEAH YEAH YEAH!! The MCAT is we being the waiting process...and waiting...and waiting...and wondering...and waiting some more....

I just am so proud of Steve and all the work he put into the MCAT. It was harder than he expected, and he didn't think he did his best...but we won't know for a while. I think he did better than he thinks.

We just won't know for a while..Then begins the process of applying, then waiting for a second interview...then just waiting to know if he gets accepted. This process is hard. We have been told it can be even harder than when you are in, so keep us in your prayers.

Secondly--My little Conflict
My angel has been sick with a low grade fever, runny nose, and constant sleeping and sadness followed by being lethargic. This has been going on for almost 4 days now.

I just hurt when my baby hurts and want anything to take it away. The best (I hate saying that, but it is true) part about this whole thing is that Andy needs her momma. I love it. She just curls up to me and holds on tight. She has been so wiggly in life lately that she hasn't stopped to "cuddle." For that reason, this little thing has not been horrible.

We are down to 2 1/2 teeth and counting. We aren't sure if this is the cause of her pain (hopefully it is, then that is easy to solve). She has teeth on the bottom, but not on the top yet. Interesting that another one began to form on the bottom. She has not been herself and I can't wait for my happy baby to come back.

Poor little thing. She broke out all over her body in red spots. It is just a viral thing, but still scary if you don't know what it is.

Please say a prayer for my little gal.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

11 months and counting

So, my little gal turned 11 months old today and we are having more fun than ever. She was wearing yellow, and I wasn't sure how to make it girly, so I decided we would be "rocker chics" today. I think I hurt her with all the ponytails, but we are having so much fun.She is growing too fast for me, but I am loving being able to spend every second with her. She is not sure of our new camera (neither is momma)....the flash is too bright somehow. I am not use to having a hi--tech camera that works. It is so crazy. Andy will look at the big orange light before the flash and go nuts and look away. She is not use to being blinded. Anyone have any idea on how to fix it? I know you can't fix the flash, but the warning before it. It took be literally 20 tries before I got a decent pic of her without wincing. She usually does good on first try. Still love the cam. Now we can do videos and everything

Life is great. Little gal keeps momma busy...11 months and counting....way too fast.

Monday, June 16, 2008

PS. I love you....

Ok, So I have never "gone off" about movies before (otherwise, that would be the only thing my blog is ever about). BUT, this one seemed to hit me differently so I have to post about it.First all, let me say that I think MANY things affect your movie going experience. One is HOW MUCH YOU HAVE HEARD ABOUT THE MOVIE BEFOREHAND. Another, is WHO YOU WATCH IT WITH.

And yet another thing that will change your experience is YOUR EXPECTATIONS OF THE MOVIE. Also, the SITUATION AROUND YOU.
Having said that, let me say I hadn't heard a thing about this movie, and if you haven't seen in yet and don't want to know a thing about it, STOP READING NOW! I do not want to be the reason someone doesn't like this movie.

All I can say is that I don't remember the last time I cried so stinking hard. I know my emotions have been at the surface lately, but I think it just hit me differently when I watched it. Every time she received "a letter" I broke down. I literally was to the point of hysterics.!!! I was so touched and so overwhelmed. I think part of that is due to my obsession with DEATH and everything.

I tell Steve that every movie the Woman dies ( it seems so true that something always is the woman). This is the first one I HAVE SEEN that it is the man. I actually, through all my tears, LOVED the movie and am going to watch it again. I thought it was very tender...yes, there were one or two parts I could have done without...but I laughed, smiled, and mostly cried. When the movie was over, I was just crying and went and made my hubby hold me. I didn't stop crying for what felt like forever.

I am one of those people I make fun of. So so lame I know. I would recommend this movie, but explain to not expect anything. This movie hits (as every movie) people differently. This movie was way too much about my thoughts with everything. So, if you have seen it, let me know what you thought about it....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

MCAT Week...

To those who know me, you know I have never really had any love for those felines we call "CATS". So, it is no surprise that the biggest test, and biggest stresser in our lives right now would be tinted by a big "m"/CAT.(and people wonder why I am not a fan?)

That is right, Steve takes the MCAT this Friday...only one of the single most determining factors in getting in to medical school. NO PRESSURE AT ALL BABE! Why is it all about this test? The good news is besides being sheer brilliant, Steve is an amazing test taker.

I am trying to keep the stress level to a minimum this week. Any suggestions for helping out my hubby? He is taking the test in Lindon. So, this Thursday we have him a hotel (he does not want to drive all the way from Layton, and I don't blame him). He takes the test in the afternoon on Friday. Andy and I will be joining him the hotel Friday night...The stress test will be over then.

So, I am asking for some prayers on both of our behalves. Yes, I need some too. Believe me, the wife doesn't take the test, but it is definitely an "US" process. Someone told me the worst part of this is the getting in...nowadays, once you are in you make it. ...One more chance to go to our knees. Thanks for the opportunity to have our Father even closer.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Loving Living in Layton List

I decided I needed to write a LOVING LIVING in LAYTON LIST. This is mainly for me, but also to let those who we live with know that we are so appreciative of them. I am going to try and do this with all L's. CHALLENGE:

1. (Lodging) House---life is so different in a house. Andy has so much more room to explore and play and be fun.
2. (Lawn)Backyard--it is so nice to have a lawn and yard to be on. This comes complete with a tramp, tree house, zip line, swingset and just good times.
3. (Laboratory) Washer/Dryer--most people who read this already have their own, but let me tell you, when you haven't had your own for almost 10 years....WOW. It is so nice. I don't have to walk in the rain and hike to do my laundry. I don't have to pay 10 dollars just to do 2 loads. I LOVE IT!! Not to mention the bathroom ( laboratory) is connected to our room. So perfect for me.
4. Location--I really think this is so great to live. It is just central for everything. I am 5 minutes away from my aunts, 25 minutes away from Salt Lake, and Steve is really close to his work. I also enjoy the hills of Layton--it makes my walks better. Where we live is right off the 89 highway, so it is really convenient.
5. Lagoon- Ok, so I don't really care that much about Lagoon--we did have fun when we went, it is just another "L" word and is right around the corner.
6. Lingo- Now that I am a Laytonrrrrr....I can say the lingo. "lisaaaahh"... add an ah, or Uh at the end of every sentence. Try to say Layton. Is it Laytnnn. Or LayTON? Not so easy. "Mommmm'uh'"
-not only do we get to live with family, but we have family around the corner. It is so nice to have people around who love helping out with Andy and just getting to know better. I don't want to take advantage, but yet I do (in the sense of just stopping and seeing everyone all the time) Who knows how long we will be living here, so I want to see fam while we can.

AND This concludes our first session of LOVING LIVING IN LAYTON LIST. Stay tuned to see how we love Layton at a Later time.

Monday, June 2, 2008

A Question to the more experienced....

To those of you who have been moms and pops longer than me, or anyone with any ideas for that matter---I pose a question. Since my little gal has learned to stand, well, she won't sleep.

I go and lay her in her crib, then go to check on her 10, 15 minutes later and she is just standing there "chillen" and playing. I let her stay for longer, but get the same results. Someone, please, if you have any secrets on the always moving child of how to put them to sleep and have them actually sleep---please let me know. I NEED HER TO TAKE A NAP. I am convinced they don't need them, it is momma that needs them more (this also goes for bed time too)...

Sunday, June 1, 2008


You really find a new meaning to accomplishment when you have a little one you are taking care of. It seems like little Andy Bev discovers something new every day. She has a new trick/accomplishment every day she likes to show us.

This little gal as of late sticks to one accomplishment then is done with it by tomorrow.
Yesterday she figured out how to crawl (FINALLY)...not the army crawl, but the full fledged crawl.

Today she is on to clapping her hands together. She also likes to shake her head to say no---Thanks for that one Steve!!

The little gal doesn't really like to crawl anymore. She just likes to stand and fall, stand and fall. Does this mean walking is just around the corner? Well, if she is true to form, that is in fact what it means.

I am just so happy to have this little joy who brightens up life with her little smile and silliness. What would I do without my little babe?