Saturday, September 27, 2008

Applying continues....a poster is born...

Well, we are still in the process of applying for medical school. There are 15 schools that we sent our applications to and we have already heard back from 10 of them. All 10 of them want secondary applications----
So, we are in the section of secondary applications. I got this idea from my old relief society president. It took me longer to make the poster than it looks.

I wrote down all 15 schools ( yes the pic only shows 10, somehow I could not get them all in) we sent the MCAT to...then, a section for secondary requests (who wants secondary info), second aps (who we send secondary info to), interview requests (who requests an interview), interviews (who we interview with), and acceptance (who accepted us).

I started it in alphabetical order, but one got out of place and such...And the info should be on the top, not the bottom...but I digress

The good news is that there have already been 5 or so schools soliciting Steve. Most of them are M.D.P.H.D...and one is a D.O., which is not what Steve wants...but this is very exciting.

Can't wait until everything in the poster is filled out........

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oregon Trip Part 2

This is the slide show I put together from our Oregon trip. I wish I would have taken more pics--I certainly could have...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our Oregon Trip Part one......

Wow...we were gone for 12 days, Andy and I...and let me just say that it was REALLY weird to come back.
I got so use to having my mom there to help me and having dogs around, and just the beauty of Oregon. We took a lot of pics so this will have to take place over a couple of posts.

She got to bond with grandpa Steve while watching the game....

Andy really loved the is too cute for I had to take some video of everything---

video video
Andy really was in love with all 7 dogs...they rather annoyed me, but I think she really misses them....


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Oregon Baby

I have so much to post about...but have to save it for another week or two. Just to update---Andy and I are in the middle of a much needed trip to Oregon. We only wish that Steve was able to be here with us and miss him so much---thanks for making it possible babe!! It is so exciting to be here and have one on one time with grandma and grandpa and Auntie Kaylie.

The trip here has too many words to even begin explaining. I will just say that I am NEVER GOING TO DO A LAYOVER WITH A BABY AGAIN! Flight number 1 was great, she slept the whole time. Flight number two was like "OK, I was good for you the first time, but you are making me do this again...I will show you. " I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT!!

I can't download pics yet, but they will be coming. For now, here are some quick favorites of the trip thus far: enjoying momma feeding Andy every meal, talks with dad, Oregon's beauty, TUCKER---not Tikki, NO SALES TAX, green everywhere, visiting old friends, Andy falling in love with 7 different dogs, a frontzie car seat, and breathing time are just the beginning of my adventures...

Just a little preview---my mom's dogs had five little ones. I am not the biggest fan, but Andy is in heaven. The dogs are her favorite thing in the world. They are kind of cute.....