Monday, July 13, 2009

And then there were 4!!!!!!

So, I am the kind of person that needs ALOT of support! With my diabetes, it always takes things to a whole other level and makes things more complicated.

Yes, we are pregnant! We are extactic about it, you have no idea! This has been long coming and I was not sure it was going to happen--very difficult, very hard, very much an answer to a prayer.

I am just over 8 weeks along and have already had an ultrasound, been to several docs and have several more appointments. Diabetic doc tomorrow. Everything with EVERYTHING changes when you are prego, and I love it.

Felt the morning sickness. I know it isn't typical protocol to tell people this early, but not only are we so excited and I feel like I already waited a while...but, like I already said, I need the support. I need help knowing what to do and people telling me I can do it.

For me it isn't just sit and watch 10 months go is ALOT of work. ALOT of testing my blood, monitoring my food and keeping track of everything---and if anything goes awry I really need the support.

We thank Heaven above for this blessing. We know many people who don't have this opportunity and our hearts go out to them. We aren't sure how many more times this can happen with my body, but as I saidwe are grateful for this little miracle as we know just conceiving is a miracle in and of itself!

Not exact on the date, even after an ultrasound ( I always like to complicate things), but it looks to be around Feb 17! Until further updates....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More fun vacation....

While we were in St. George, Mckay told us about a movie in the park. Great idea! Before the movie, There was music playing and Andy loved to dance to it! So much fun!!

I finally forced Andy in the water...After some fighting and screaming, she loved it!!

These are the girls just chillen and watching a movie together! They had so much fun! Andy is going through lots of withdrawels right now missing them!!

Our vacation.....

Our vacation was absolutley amazing!!! We started out visitng family in Fresno---we actually have lots of fam in fresno CA.

For some reason, Andy was a little unsure of water -aka swimming, any kind of pool--when we started our vacation. It wasn't until St. George that she actually warmed up to the pool. Here are some pics of her just looking at the pool.

We were so happy to finally see our little cousins. We went everywhere with them and stayed in the same places. We happened to find some sun glasses and thought it would be fun to show a pic of all of them wearing glasses. Andy loved it!!!