Saturday, January 31, 2009

Interview Day.....

Well the time has come and gone....Glad it is over, but now more anxious as we have to wait 2 months for an answer.

I have learned alot during this time, and my hubby and I have grown together in ways through helping each other out.

I am actually so proud of myself. I know that sounds puffed up, but I feel like I have been a good wife this week and deserve a pat on the back. I only say this cause most of the time I don't feel adequate or like I am doing enough, but this week, I am proud of myself.

I tried to take care of the secondary "minor" this week so Steve wouldn't have to worry about them. This inclulded; dry cleaning his suit, buying new socks and shoes...Making sure that he had his vitamin C, and daily meals. I also tried really hard to look up different sites on interviews so I could understand the process and maybe ask questions for him.

I worked very hard to be calm and for most of you who know me, this is not an easy feat. Inside my stomache was in knots and I was so fidgetty. I tried not to let my husband see this as I know he was nervous enough. The only way I ever can be calm is focusing on the right things.

We did alot of prayers this week. We actually made it to the temple. I made a poster, and got some treats to wish him luck.

As Steve walked out the door, he looked AMAZING. I was NOT worried at all. He feels really good about his interview. I knew he would do good. Still praying that it will all work out. We know it will work out how it suppose to in the end.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Salt Lake Auditions....

Ok, much to my dismay, I have been told people want to see my reaction to idol. Since it literally is my life (so pathetic I know) for the whole time it is on, I have decided I will write a little here and there about it, at least for now. I may even go back to my idol blog eventually.
For Now, I have to comment about SALT LAKE AUDITIONS!!!! Please, my own home. To really do a quick summary....I didn't like how they showed the Salt Lake auditions. Of course, they NEVER show the entire picture. Let's put it this way----out of the thousands of people auditioning, I did NOT see any crazies that were on tv. seriously. I don't know how they stand out on the show, but HIDE at auditions.
The four below were the stand outs, in a way, of the night. Again, HATE SOB stories, but Rose and Osmond got to me this time. I actually cried. Can't handle that both of her parents are dead. I really was sad to hear about the MS...SO SAD!!! ( I never comment on the stories cause I think it detracts from the actual singing, but it was SALT LAKE---and I did like them for once)
No one is my ARCHIE...NO ONE will ever be him or fill his place...but I am more excited than I thought about Osmond.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Idol

Ok, I will admit it, I have more than one love in my life....My family and my IDOL. That's right, my American Idol.
I know they don't show everything, and some of the sob stories drive me insane, and definetly the best does NOT always win---but I have NEVER missed an episode.
With that thought, I have to tell you about my other loves. It's true, I LOVE ARCHIE. My husband makes fun of me. I say "he is too young." To which he replies, " I am younger than you too." Got me. I really have a crush on Archie.

I cannot get enough of him. My husband is, in fact, the one that bought me his CD. I also am in love with Zach Ephron. Oh, to be a teenager again. My little sister WILL MARRY one of them, I am determined.

People have asked me why I haven't made any comments about Idol on my blog yet---well, Last year I dedicated an entire blog to the watching of AI. It took alot of work and alot of time, and yet didn't get alot of viewers. So, I just might say a few things here and there and leave it at that. However, my friend, RaeLynn has a blog about idol. Her and I almost think exactly the same on everything. So, you can check out her blog if you want a real opinion.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Over the Christmas break Andy learned for the first time the word PLEASE...of course it sounds more like the vegetable PEES ( which she refuses to eat by the way).

I love this word. I love how I feel when I hear her say it. Ms. Andy Bev has now learned how to abuse the word. She knows that both mom and dad are suckers when she uses it and will almost get anything she wants if she just uses the word, against our better judgement.

" Up UP....PWEES!" Chocolate is in front of her--"PWEES". " OK ok, but just cause you said please." Gotta love it

Saturday, January 24, 2009

This past week.

I feel the need to jot down a few thoughts on last week.

As per our biggest loser contest---I lost 6 pounds last week and still wasn't the biggest loser. At least the biggest loser was on my team!!! It is an interesting path I am down now, it is a life style change and I would be lying if I said it was easy.

I actually feel like I am eating more, just cause I eat more frequently and it actually isn't easy. It is also hard for me to exercise. We cannot afford a gym membership ( when we did, I went every day), so I am sticking to my DDR and dancing every day. Andy Bev likes to scream whenever I do it and I will admit that sometimes I just stop and help her.

I am proud of myself and the times I have not quit. Yesterday I was feeling sick and didn't want to do anything, but I managed to talk myself into exercising and I was so happy I did. It makes all the difference.

Besides focusing on being healthier, we have tried to help Steve in our own way prepare for his big interview next week. From dry-cleaning his suit, buying him a new tie and shoes, to getting materials together, not sure what more there is to do but pray. So please keep Steve in your thoughts and prayers this coming Friday while he does his interview with the U. We have high hopes and big plans. We know we have to give our all and then there is nothing more we can do, it is in the lord's hands. With that in mind...I need to get ready for Sunday.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inauguration----my thoughts on the whole process

I remember (and I am being totally honest) when I was nine years old sitting in school and watching the inauguration of President Bush after the years of Ronald Reagan.

I couldn't have understood much really, but I remember knowing I loved Ronald Reagan and feeling sad for him, crying that he had to stop being president but really understanding that his VP was going to be president.

There is something incredible no matter whom you voted for that is just beautiful about an inauguration ceremony. I sobbed the whole time watching it. I don't know why to be completely honest. I just get touched at the whole process. I think it is truly amazing that we can put hard feelings aside for one day and come together to celebrate the beginning of a new president.
I wasn't all about the song or prayers, but more about the comradery that comes to a nation at this time. I have always felt this way about a new President and the ceremony. I don't know what is going to happen to America, but I was touched at how we can all come together. I hope that people can continue to remember these feelings of comradery...
Unfortunatley, it seems that we as Americans take tiem to come together through different crisis, then months later completely forget about it. I don't know how to change that except for change that in myself.
For now, I will simply remember the feelings I had while watching the inauguration

Monday, January 19, 2009

Scarlett, in the Kitchen, with the Rope

Steve and I just got back from spending the night at my inlaws (his brother Mike, wife Sherri, and family).

We went for dinner last night and ended up spending the night and then spending the day with them ( Hope we didn't overstay our welcome). I had an absolute blast with the entire family and enjoyed watching Eagle Eye.

Today, we spent HOURS playing CLUE...Not kidding--not sure how long....

There is a new version of clue out that gives you special abilities and is more interactive. Sherri found out that Steve and I had never seen the movie clue. So, after we played the game we watched the movie. I think the movie is better after just playing the game!! Thanks for the wonderful time. Oh, I forgot to mention that I won twice---yeah--Mr. Green in the Hall with the poison .!!!

New Calling

I forgot to mention in my last post that before church Steve and I were called in...We knew we were getting callings and I was very nervous as I strongly felt that I did not want to be in nursery ( I love the nursery, it is just that I am alone with Andy Bev every day...I was hoping she could have some non--momma time every week, and momma could have some momma time).

So, we were BOTH called to be PRIMARY TEACHERS!!! We aren't sure what age group just yet, but I am very excited. That was the calling in our last ward and I had a hard time leaving it. Steve and I will have a blast team teaching together. I am looking forward to the challenges and blessings that come with this calling and am happy that they KNEW I can't do nursery right now....maybe when Andy is out of it....

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The First Vision

Today was an incredible Sunday school we talked about Joseph Smith's first vision. There is just something that happens to me whenever I hear that story. Our teacher asked who served foreign speaking missions and gave people an opportunity to share the first vision in the language.

It doesn't matter what language it is in, you can still feel the spirit of it. I couldn't help but go back to my mission and think of when I was teaching it in Spanish. If people understood the spirit of the first vision, they almost never faltered.
I am not going to re tell the first vision ( you can link to it at the beginning of this post), but just say that I know it is true. There is an amazing spirit that comes when you hear of the first vision and a testimony that can be gained.

I am so grateful for inspired teachers and the opportunity to follow the spirit. If it weren't for that vision, the church would not be on the earth today and I would not be who I am. I know it is true and that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God and helped restore the gospel to the earth.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Finally Home...

After 23 DAYS in Oregon, we finally decided to come home. After a long drive and flight home, we went into a little of shock upon walking through the door. It was really such a long time since we had been home that I seriously was overwhelmed with the sense that I had to be responsible again!!!

I don't really know how to describe the feeling. There was lots of excitment to be home, be with my hubby, but the anxiety made me think that maybe we stayed a little too long. We are now home, trying to remember whatever routine we had going before and still recovering from the shock of it.

The good news is that is it a NEW YEAR and I love making goals at the New Year. Our family ( the PROBERTS) is in competition with the LAKE family (Sara's husband's family) for our own version of THE BIGGEST LOSER!!! I am not so much worried about that as I am about trying to get into shape and just be healthier all around.

I am happy to report that I feel I have made a valiant effort. I have taken less portion sizes, cut out the fat, eaten more salads and am trying to move more. Last week I lost three pounds and am on my way to losing 3 more. Today I set up our DDR workout session. I am excited and am going to try and do that every day for starters.


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas time at the Probert house

This is Andy's new thing. She loves to just lay on her dad backward. She will do it for long periods of time!!

Wow, You don't realize how much you blog until you have to WAIT to use someone elses computer to do it.

Aunt Kaylie and cousin Addy being themselves!

This holiday has been incredible and just so amazing that the whole family could get together---that is getting harder and harder to do!!
Andy got a doll that she just loved "feeding" for Christmas!!

The only sad thing is that I was so caught up in the whole thing that I did NOT take alot of pictures....So here are the few that I did take.

Since Andy is an only child and our family is spread out, it is rare for her to get around kids her age. Let me just say that she had an absolute blast. The played ring around the rosies, poked at each others eyes and shared lots of hugs and kisses. Already having a hard time that they are gone.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Making it Home

For those of you who were watching the news about the weather in Portland and all the cancelled flight---here is a small version of our story:

It has been an adventure from the start....From our original flight being cancelled, going home, coming back an hour later....To our second flight after hours of waiting being cancelled..
On to being on the phone constantly to see the next available flight, being there hours early for the next one we have to see if we can catch an earlier one. Two days and evenings after originally scheduled to land in Portland we finally did.
Poor little gal was just waiting in the luggage size check for fun...What else is there to do???
After arriving in Portland we drove through a BLIZZARD with wipers not working for 3 hours. Needless to say, it has been an adventure. We are loving our vacation and will love blogging about it when we get home!!
For now, I will go and enjoy it!!