Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Andy's B-day Flashback

We bought her a really great, brand new doll and stroller for her birthday. The doll moves and talks. She loves the doll so much!
We love this special little birthday cake....She loved it too...Very yummy!!

So, Andy's birthday was back in July, but we never did a post about it. I kept saying I would get to it...But I never did, so I thought I would now cause we love watching anything bday related...Andy LOVES birthdays!!
Andy's cousing Kiersten came over to spend the night on her birthday...We had so much fun!

Andy just loves balloons...they are her new obsession!

We love to do some dancing together...So fun!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Last Night.....

Not sure why I even bother writing this...maybe I want some sympathy, but here is how my night went last night.

10pm- Steve went to bed. I did not follow cause I wanted to give him a head start for his big day.

12am-I decide that maybe it is time for me to go to bed.

12:45am- I wake myself up snoring and freak that I might wake Steve, so I go downstairs on our hard couch.

1:30 am- I am so wired, cold and tired...

1:45am- I hear Steve up and coughing. I decide I should go up there and see what is going on.

2 am- Get into bed with Steve. He starts asking me how I am. I bark at him and tell him not to worry about it.

2:15 am- Steve and I are both restless, and start talking about how we are wired and anxious for tomorrow.

3-4:45am- laying in bed, shivering, trying to rest my mind.

4:45-5:30am- Sometime in there I actually fall asleep and then am awakened by Steve's alarm. I tell Steve he can turn on the light.

5:45 am- Feel guilty that I haven't made breakfast....sit and talk myself into waking up.

6- 7:00am- decide I need to make breakfast and help Steve any way I can.

7am- Steve leaves for his interview...I crawl into bed praying for some sleep and that Andy will wake up late.

7:30am--Andy wakes up and I start sobbing. I don't know how I am going to face this day. I am so exhausted, tired, pregnant, not happy---everything.

1pm--Cleaned the whole house, went shopping, and did many errands. I think it was a mistake. I feel really sick and like I am going to be out for another week if I even shut my eyes.
I do way too much, and any normal person would be dying of exhaustion from lack of sleep, but being pregnant and diabetic, I feel like dying. (I really don't feel like I am being that drama). Say a prayer for me!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Our busy week.....

This week is going to be one of our weirder weeks, so this might be one of the last times all week that I get to really use the laptop..

I just want to note down how it is suppose to go, so I can keep it straight myself:

Monday-Steve has work until 11 pm.
We have to get Steve's shirt pressed.
Attempting to help Andy enjoy the potty ( she is deathly afraid of it).
Do ALOT of errands. (find manager and sign lease)

Tuesday-Play group in the morning.
Temple trip with Steve.
Visit with grandparents.
Last minute get everything together for interviews.

Wednesday-Steve has his interview with the U at 7 am.
Start getting all the house in order, and catch up on laundry.

Thursday-Babysitting Steve's co-workers child for the day.
Clean house for Parents coming over.
Possibly Homecoming Spectacular at BYU
Parents spending the night.

Friday- Babysitting co-workers child for the day.
Parents hanging out in the morning.
Andy has music class 11-12
Make sure everything is packed for weekend and Steve's trip.
Head to Provo around 3.
Meet up with fam and do Provo activities

Saturday- Homecoming Parade 10 am.
ESPN college game day.
BYU game-5:30 pm
Mapquest all of Steve's routes for New Orleans.

Sunday- Take Steve to airport at 5 am.
Get lesson ready for church.
Family Party.
Parents spending the night!

--PLEASE PRAY FOR STEVE THIS WEEK. He has 2 HUGE interviews in one week. I am trying to make things as smooth as possible for him, and as little stress as possible. With extra kids, my parents coming into town, and BYU puts alot on his plate. There is alot to prepare for and make sure things are in order. I want to do most of it for him so he doesn't have to worry about it. Going to be a fun week!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Vegas---the BYU game with the fam!!

We had so much fun going down to vegas to be able to watch the BYU game....Not only did we get to see Mckay, Heather, Kai, Jake, Megan and PO...but we WON!! The night before we walked down the strip and had a blast (the kids were up way too late)....Then we came home and some of us dipped in our cousins pool ( lots of fam in vegas, it was so nice).

The next day Steve was so sick ....couldn't keep anything down. You know he is sick when he can't eat...But he was still a trooper and went to the game!!

Yes that is blue streaks in my hair! I love it!
Andy didn't get in bed until around midnight the night before. By second half she was out!!

All of us having a blast at the game!!
This is dear Megan Hanging in the back of Jacob's car for our tailgate party! So cute!!!

Steve and I just chilling. He couldn't eat cause he was so sick the whole day. What a trooper!!

Tailgaiting fools...gotta love us!!

The cutest cousins, loving being together!!

What a stud!!

Mckay being the grilling Nazzi. So fun brothers!! We love to tailgate!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Still good people in the world.....

I was driving on the freeway today while headed to the store. As I was driving, it suddenly felt like the car was tipping and that I was going to roll over. About a minute later, it started making some funny noises that I really could not describe.

I thankfully made it off the freeway, and into the Carl's Junior parking lot. I get out to find that we have a flat tire----SERIOUSLY???

I immediately try not to completely freak, just partially freak. Do we have a spare? ( we have had so many flat tires)...How is a pregnant, crazy, not really sure what she is going to do going to change the tire? I don't know any men. Everyone I know is a mom who, if I called, would have to pack up their kids and come be crazy with me.

All of a sudden out of nowhere appear my two heroes. Two young guys just pull up and ask, if I need help, then immediately start working on changing the tire. I get teary eyed and try not to break down. I just got so emotional, I was so happy that there were two honest, very nice,willing men to help me out.

There are many times when I lose faith in the world and start thinking that no one is nice anymore. Today , thankfully, proved me wrong. This post is for my two heroes. Thankyou, whoever you are out there, for stopping and just helping someone who really needed it! I hope if you need help one day that someone will come along and help you!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

And we are having....

I would really be lying if I said that I could actually see what I am suppose to, but I trust what they tell me. Everything is great, in the right place and scheduled right.

For those of you who can't see it either---we are having exactly what we were hoping. A LITTLE GIRL! I don't know why no one believes that we wanted a girl....why wouldn't you? Not only do we already have everything ready for a girl (clothes, shoes, etc...), but I LOVE that my sis and I are close in age. Makes it so much fun.

We wanted a girl, but thought it was a boy ( like most of you did as well), so I am still in shock and not believing it. Steve started crying he was so happy! Just happy the baby is doing well and we are on track!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Real Love Part 2????

Exactly a month ago, I did a post about "real love "....and then continued to describe getting through my daughters illness...

Well, it has been exactly one month...and today I walk into her room and she is covered in throwupfrom head to toe....I immediately threw up myself. I am so worried about my little girl...going through this twice in a month time frame.

PLease pray for my daughter and me so that we can get through this together. I need all the help I can get right now!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The baby's sex....

As of this coming Wed....Oct 7th, we will FINALLY find out the sex of our baby....So you all have just a few days to do our poll on side and guess ( as if you could have any clue at all) whether it is a boy or a girl....Interested to see what you think!