Wednesday, April 30, 2008

50 Random nothings...

Not that any of you want to know this..some of you may already know some of this list, but I think a bit will be a surprise in a way...
50 crazy little random things about me:

1. I was born and raised in West Jordan Utah.
2. BYU is the only college I applied to---that's right, it was BYU or bust!!!
3. I am the oldest of 7 kids, but my siblings don't know that.
4. I have been declared my dad's favorite child.
5. I have been declared my mom's second favorite child (ok, maybe not the second fav. but definitely NOT the fav)
6. I have a thing for dimples---me, my hubby and my little angel Andy all have them.
7. I have a huge obsession with American Idol---especially our little David Archuletta.
8. I met my husband in a testimony meeting---where I knew right away that we would date---not get married but date.
9. Music is a passion for me, everything about it...It inspires and uplifts me in ways that nothing else can.
10. The middle stone in my wedding ring is a sapphire--the one I got from my grandma when she died. It is my favorite color, and is so very very special to me.
11. Being a teacher is one of my favorite things. It is my absolute favorite calling to have, and I feel we can be teachers every day.
12. While at college, I worked at Homestyle Cooken', Scoreboard Grill, Subway, Tomassito's, and BYU bookstore. Ps...I am not a fan of fast food working, but I sure have a new appreciation for the entire process.
13. My first job (besides being a baby sitter) was at Classic Roller Skating. I worked the food and the roller skate checkout.
14. I served my mission Spanish speaking in the best city ever---CHICAGO.
15. I truly am one of those people, and almost everyone can testify to this--that looks better with makeup on me.
16. I hate doing my hair.
17. I hate clothes.
18. I worked at Dippen Dots for a period in my life.
19. I was one of those "Lagoon" junkies that met a boyfriend at Lagoon.
20. My first date was with a close friend on my 16th bday.
21. I have made a temple trip on my bday every year since I was 12, including my mission (somehow that worked out). I missed last year since my baby was just getting out of the hospital.
22. I love series of Harry Potter, Children of the Promise, Twilight. They are my little obsessions.
23. Pirates of the Caribbean was the first DVD I owned.
24. In my dating years, I had gone out with over 200 different men.
25. When I first applied for college, there was no internet. I had to do everything on the phone. THAT IS RIGHT. You could not register on line until my 3rd year of college. I was waiting to get through for a couple of hours with my dad.
26. I don't remember the last time I called my husband by his name---he is usually babe or sweetie to me.
27. I never wanted to buy a cell phone---I think people don't connect face to face like they use to. I was 26 when I bought my first cell.
28. I made the cut for the BYU ballroom dance team, but couldn't be in it because I wanted to be in Women's Chorus.
29. I bought my first car at the age of 25. That is right, I walked through college my whole experience...amazing how that kept my weight down and amazing how lazy you get when you have a car.
30. I quit women's chorus for a football game.
31. I have had my heart broken more than 5 times.
32. I sluffed school to go to seminary in highschool---I loved it so much!
33. I am one of the oldest people in my ward, yet there are people with 3-4 kids in my ward....YOWSER! The funny thing is, I don't think anyone knows that, so I just let the cat out of the bag!
34. My husband and I broke up 3 or so times before we made it official---but we always remained best friends...
35. People think I am better at the piano than I really am...It is just because I get really into it that I fake them out.
36. Jon Schmidt is one of my all time favorite people. His music is inspiring, soothing, and amazing. It was my first date with my husband. I also have a pic with him.
37. I consider myself an expert on heartache.
38. I have had diabetes for over 21 years.
39. There were about 5 men that re-entered or entered my life just before my mission and wanted to marry me.
40. There is something about being on a stage and taking on a different character for me. I love it so much and have had several opportunities to do it in my life. My husband and I reunited at a stage performance of the Easter Pageant.
41. I like going to the movies. I wish it weren't so expensive so I could go alot more.
42. I love popcorn dipped in tuna fish with plenty of Miracle Whip.
43. I can't really cook at all. I just heat things up.
44. I went through about 16 different majors before I decided that Sociology combined alot of my interests.
45. I have lived in Utah most of my life and have still never been skiing.
46. I broke my wrist on a 4 wheeling accident.
47. I get sick very easy, and once I am sick, I am out for a very long time.
48. I gained 60 pounds during my pregnancy...and still have yet to lose that weight.
49. I was first named Andrea when I was a baby, but my parents changed their minds. Andy Bev is our little Andrea that was suppose to be.
50. I bought my own punching bag in college, and got pretty good at it.
50 plus1. I use to be a champion clogger.
50 plus2. My momma and I rode in the greyhound from Oregon to Utah and back--that was the adventure of a lifetime.!!!

That is just the beginning of the craziness that is Jamie Probert Cook. I will have to do another one of these another time.....there were things my hubby found out as well...

Monday, April 28, 2008

4 Days in 1

I am so proud of myself! I don't remember the last time I said that. Today, I really feel was one of my most productive days ---I AM EXHAUSTED!!!!
Things I did:
1. Laundry---this included 3 trips to the car, because we had so much and Andy was in my arms the entire time!!! I still have a whole other load left.

2. Changed our forwarding address with everyone who needs it. This is more work than I realized. It takes a lot of thought for one to come up with all of the people and places who need to know where you will be living ( this doesn't count fam and friends).

3. Took apart our lamp, and bathroom bin and packed it. I was debating whether to take them apart or the end I think we need more space for other things. This took quite some time as Andy was fussy the whole time.

4. Packed up half of our decorations, most of our books, and other various items. Don't get me wrong, there is still soooo much more to do---but I made a small dent that I feel good about.

5. Made dinner. On a normal given day this is a feat in and of itself. Grant it, I just put a frozen meal in the oven, but I still made the effort which has been hard lately.

6. Bought groceries. This was more getting things for Andy than real groceries--we still need some, but I got a few necessities.

7. Gave Andy a bath. This is a "mommy" thing...but has turned into HUGE projects lately as Andrea really does not like baths for some reason---she is terrified of it. So, this takes a whole lot more soothing than usual.

8. Made a post!!!

I hate to admit that just one of these items usually overwhelms me---I am sorry, just being honest. I am not one of those momma's like my sis who has a spotless house, dishes done and dinner ready every day. I just get so worn out so much more easy after I had a baby. I wish I didn't, but I do---and I try so hard. It is ok that I didn't actually FOLD the laundry, and I have more dishes to do and my house is a mess....I did something.

I have to give myself props because if I don't I will get so overwhelmed with the coming weeks. I have learned I have to stop comparing myself to everyone else and what they can do as well. I really am not a fan of moving, so I am going to take it one day at a time!!! Here is to me doing 4 days worth of things in one...not sure if I can do it again!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

BYU Graduation 2008

It happened---it finally happened! CONGRATULATIONS STEVE ON YOUR GRADUATION! I am so proud! I made Steve do the entire works with walking and everything. This was all for me actually---I needed to be a part of it. There really is something special about graduating from BYU. There is a sweet and tender spirit about it. I, of course, was overcome with emotion. I think I cried the whole first ceremony. It really was a site to behold with over 6000 grads, 3/4 of them speaking a different language and half of them married (only at BYU). There is an amazing feeling being surrounded by those who hold up to an honor code and aren't afraid of what the world thinks of you.

They talked of service ALOT. Elder Bednar also spoke about "learning to love learning" and how it doesn't stop here at all...Boy, isn't that the truth. We still have about 100 years left. That is why I think Steve wasn't that into it at the beginning, but this was a part of his life---something he won't have again. I truly felt a wonderful spirit throughout the whole process.
The best part was the second day. Andy had her own little cap and gown. She truly was a site as you can see. People stopped and wanted to take pics with her. I was loving it of course, as was Steve. I think that really made everything more fun for all of us.

For his own biology college (his degree is MOLECULAR BIOLOGY) Steve took Andy with him. She sat on his lap the whole time. When it came time to read names, Steve was still holding Andy and I was ready to grab her if needed. I wasn't sure what was going to happen. The greatest thing did happen---the announcer says " ANDREA COOK WITH HER FATHER STEPHEN LARRY COOK."
I about died! I couldn't believe they said her name. I loved every second of it. It is something we really won't forget. I am so proud of you Steve. Way to go---and now moving forward!!

The video on the top is Steve coming in with Andy for the processional. The one on the botton is him walking to have his name announced with ANDY...

All in all, it really was fun. His college had a little luncheon afterward. So great!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

An Ode to the 9 month checkup!!!

People who don't even know me can sense right away that I am a little bit of a sap. Andrea had her 9 month doctor appointment today, and before I get to how it turned out, I just want to say how it ended: WITH ME CRYING! (I should note that everything was just fine....)

That is right, I had to say goodbye to this doctor (Dr. Willmore) who truly has been so wonderful and helpful and just a great overall person. He has been there for a lot with our little family. He even went to school with my brother-in-law Johnnie. It just is rare when I have found a doctor that has gone the extra mile for me, and someone who has helped and gone above and beyond the call of duty. So, here's to Dr. Willmore--you will be missed, and we hope we can find someone as great as you and that Steve can be just as wonderful a doc someday( and I know he will be).
As for Andrea:
weight: 15 lbs. 14 oz.
: 44

Height:26 1/2 inches.

She is really "thin" for her age, but she always has been, considering how early she was. The doctor wasn't too worried. She just hasn't grown as much as we'd like, but not bad at all. The little "indent" in her chest is nothing of concern. In fact, I never really thought of it until now. It is just a small deformity that doesn't do anything---just like having a mark somewhere. Overall, Andy is doing pretty good---and she is getting as "personality" as ever. You gotta love that little gal.
Again, I am feeling really nostalgic this week. I haven't been going to school for a couple of years, and the doc appointments is the one connection I have had with school. It is all just a little crazy. Our first home together we will be leaving soon. I never thought I would be back at BYU, but I came. So, who knows. Somehow, though, I know this is it this time around. On to a very emotional week for me---I will have updates!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Singing Sunday!!!

I had the privilege of being able to sing during Relief Society today. On the mission, I learned a song from my hijita called "Dios Esta Aqui". I sang that with her almost every day. It was something that got us through the hard times, and something that always just helped to bring the spirit to me.

A really tender and sweet lullaby that singing with Steve has made even more tender. I love that it is something we share together.

I truly enjoy the opportunity to share my gifts with others. While I prefer harmony, not because I am scared or can't do a solo, but I think that is pure beauty there and talent---the talent to HARMONIZE ( I digress)....Anyway, it was still a very enjoyable and pleasant experience. I just was happy to be asked in the first place to do it.

I explained my connection with the song before I sang it, and I really feel the spirit of the song was portrayed. So, thanks for allowing me the opportunity, and maybe one day Steve and I will be singing together in sacrament.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Momma and daughta

This little gal has not yet learned how to crawl. Rather, she "scootches" her way across the room. From what I hear it is only a matter of time before we move on to the crawling. YIKES!This little gal and her momma like to dress alike. It is rare that we have the same clothes, but when we do, we sure have some fun.

Did anyone notice my new haircut? It is so short, I am still not exactly sure how I feel about it. Andy loves to stick our her tongue lately, it is so cute and funny. We sure love our little angel!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My 3 Ssssss....

The other day I was talking to Steve, I was telling him about a realization I discovered about myself. There are 3 things that if I have, I am a different, better, happy person. And here they are in no particular order....
The other day it was beautiful weather and I just walked outside and smiled. I was so happy. My husband watched Andy the other day so I could take a nap. I woke up a different person. Whenever I see Steve I just smile, especially since it is rare lately. It is amazing how these three things can change your mood drastically. So, here's to my love, my lack of sleep and the snowstorm outside...

Monday, April 14, 2008

Saturday choice with a NEW MORTAL ENEMY!!

I want to start out saying that this last Saturday really was wonderful, except for one part which I will get to later.

Steve had signed up for the 3-3 bball (refer to previous post "Spread out the Love") so our day was decided for us. I was hesitant, but went along for support and family time. The weather was incredible, just what Provo needed. We arrived at Steve's work party to see a mini carnival taking place. Free food, rides, drinks, treats. WOW. I had no idea. There was music going, volleyball and basketball tournaments, cash prizes, a cash machine, big teacup ride, three blow up slides and games. So much fun! I was, needless to say, pleasantly surprised.
Unfortunately for Steve, his team lost both the bball and volleyball in the first round. We still loved it, and took Andy down the BIG slide, which kind of scared her.

It actually turned out well because we were able to make it to our ward party. It was really good to see all the friends we have made over our time being here. They didn't have dessert at Steve's place, but they did at the ward.
Just so pleasant to be outside. They played a giant game of twister, and Steve was really loving it. I was being the obnoxious wife on the side trying to tickle him. What a blast!
I was just so happy to be able to make it to at least 2 things on our list.

Our day didn't end there. The tragedy I will save for last. Steve and I had it planned all week that we would finally put Andy's crib together ( yes, she has never had one, so I was excited). Let me just say that we put half of our appliances and furniture together when we first got married. I don't really know why, but we love it. It is really fun time together just trying to figure out maintenance on OUR things. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. We really do love doing these little projects ( even though Steve did most of the work, I handed him the tools while keeping an eye on Andy). Love it though.


In between the activities and crib, I went to get some groceries at the store while Steve watched Andy. I was walking up the stairs with my hands full of groceries, on the phone with my sister, when I see this wasp follow me. I was at the door when it landed just below my wrist, and you can guess the rest. My enemy went for the kill. I hung up the phone, and screamed really loud. It hurt REALLY bad. Steve came out and said "kill it".

I dropped the groceries and ran after it with a vengeance and stomped him. After about an hour my whole arm was swollen from my wrist down to my elbow and I didn't feel like I could move my hand. It really really hurt. Steve felt bad for me and tried to help out.

That night I couldn't sleep cause it was throbbing. It was a little better the next day, as it was only red, hot and swelling halfway down my arm. Yesterday it was just really itchy. So, we are on two days later and it still hurts, itches and I just don't want to move my arm.(this pic is 2 days after the should have seen it yesterday--not good pic too)

I now forever have a new mortal enemy. You better watch your back!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008


Ok, you know the old saying that goes "when it rains it pours"? Well, the same applies for good things as well, but somehow it doesn't turn out that well for me....

It seems that Steve and I go in spurts with the activities we do. Sometimes we like to stay in and chill, other times we just can't find anything to do. So, when we actually have something presented before us, we jump at the opportunity.

Why, someone tell me WHY is it all presented at the same time? Tomorrow we have a few options...and you guessed it, they are all taking place at pretty much the EXACT SAME TIME!!!
1. BYU Spring Football game
2. Baby shower for one of my close friends.
3. BBQ and 3-on-3 Bball tournament for Steve's work.
4.Stuff Swapp
5. Final Ward Activity.

Literally they all either start at 12:30 or 1, and most of them you have to be there for the whole thing in order to really participate. I am so frustrated. PEOPLE SPREAD OUT THE JOY! SPREAD OUT THE LOVE!

I use to say this in highschool when it felt like I didn't have a date for a long time and then all of a sudden 5 guys ask me out at once. What is with that? SPREAD IT OUT PEOPLE!
So, which would you choose? We still aren't sure.....

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Vacation Finale

Thanks to Sara, for providing us with these pics...It really helps to paint the picture of the great times we had. There really aren't words to describe the adventure that we had, but I will put a short summary....

To sum up the trip: it was truly spectacular. It was wonderful to have little brother Seth be there with us as he will be gone on his mission soon. I don't remember the last time Nate was on a trip with us as well. So good to have everyone there, and as stated in previous posts, the surprise of the Lake family truly was classic and we all loved it!

People don't know what a vaca is until they do it with the Probert family. We can just sit and sing for hours, making up random melodies as we go. I believe none of us slept the entire time as we spent our nights sharing our feelings and testimonies with each other.

I needed the sun. It was the first time Andy really had even experienced it for her short life. I feel good when I have a little tan, much needed.

I know Steve really enjoyed the bball. All the outdoor activities such as swimming, volleyball, long walks and a new found love for tennis--that's right!( I am actually pretty good). Somehow, I managed to go to the gym twice with Kaylie which was exciting.

We love to do that bbq grill. Thanks to everyone who took their turn cooking, especially Heather who is pregnant. I think that is another favorite moment; when I was in my room and then I hear Sara scream "you are pregnant." Then everyone wakes up to share in the excitement.

Don't forget the makeover with Heather and I dying our much fun. Now we all own headbands for ourselves. Not to mention the Idol mania and everyone doing their own skits---"where are you.???I'll tell you. S. T Period....St. George."

I think Seth almost hurt himself and I laughed so hard. I love that the family can make fun of how much I love to share. Thanks for not saving me ...Thanks for helping watch Andy, mommy needed a break.

Cleaning up can actually be fun when you make up songs as you go..."some of us are givers, some are takers, "I am a giver."


Monday, April 7, 2008

Easter pics in St. George....

We brought our camera to St. George, but somehow didn't bring the memory card with, these are pics the family gave me.

This is the first time in a long time ( and the last in a long time) that the ENTIRE family was together. So, we took alot of "nice" pics. Mom dressed us all the same.

I still want to show more pics of the fun we had. For now, enjoy the cute pics of the fam.

Friday, April 4, 2008

St George Temple

To be completely honest, since Andy has been born, Steve and I have attended a sealing and the only other time we have made it to the temple was during our trip to St. George.

Thanks once again to the family who unselfishly babysat the little gal, we were able to go to a session with our family at the St. George temple. You don't realize just how much you miss it until you do.

I am not suggesting that anyone miss going to the temple. Steve and I went once a week almost the entire engagement time and first couple months of our marriage. A while ago I use to work at the temple. I never understood why people couldn't make it, then I had a baby.

My does life completely change. I will say I didn't realize how much I use to judge people and them not being able to make it. Sorry---truly sorry. It is even better going after you have a little family. Things are brought out in different ways.

So, family...thanks for wanting to go. And for those of you who made it possible, we are forever grateful. One day Andy and her siblings will go with us!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Life Savors???

Discovery number 2 from Easter St. George:


Ok, so that deserves an explanation...a little narration to describe my scare:

One night my sister made an incredible meal for the whole family. We all couldn't fit around the table, so were spread throughout the condo.

I was sitting next to mom, dad, Mckay and Spencer while Sara was in the kitchen. The rest were in the other room, and Steve was tending to Andy.

I was munching on some fruit salad when, as you can guess from the pic below, something got lodged in my throat. We have all had that happen to us once or twice right?
SOo, I decided to try and swallow.

This incident was completely different than a typical something being stuck in your throat. I felt my airway kind of clog up, and wasn't really sure what to do. It was just freaky. By impulse, I stood up and looked around. No one really seemed to be paying attention to me.

I grabbed at my throat and here is where the fun stuff happens. Everyone just looks at me. My dad grabs a bowl and puts it in front of me ( we now tease him about that), and Sara says "she's choking!"

Long story short, I managed to gag myself and the piece of apple came flying out of my mouth. The weird thing is that the apple was not that big at all.

Anyway, Sara said she was ready to come and save me. Steve was busy with Andy and ready...but the rest? hmmm....Well, most of them admitted they either didn't know what was going on or didn't believe me, claiming I am too "drama" sometimes that it is hard to know what is going on.

Me, Drama? are you kidding? Ok, so really, it was scary. Never experienced it before. It is now the family joke, still not believable....Thanks Sara and Steve for being willing to save me...

As to the rest of you---let's all hope there won't be a next time, but just in case---BE PREPARED!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Momma's little gal!!!

While I am awaiting for pics from the vaca to arrive, I thought I would write of a discovery that we found on vacation. This annoyed my family above and beyond, but I loved it so much. Andrea has really never been around anyone other than her mom and dad. So, when we were in close corners with the entire family, it confused her a bit.

I took advantage of the opportunity to have family close by and watch her. We discovered very quickly that Andy does in fact know who her momma is. The second I left the room she screamed. When she calmed down, if I reentered the room and spoke, she screamed again.

I see that this could be annoying, but I loved it. I found out that my baby really does know her momma and loves having her momma around. As time went on with the family, she got more comfortable with them and wasn't as sad. I still am so happy to know that my baby knows her mom and needs her mom. What a wonderful feeling!