Saturday, May 7, 2011

The best kind of testimony

 I took my 2 gals with me to our special "WIC" appointment...Without too many details, let me just say, these are LONG, very LONG, and you meet lots of "interesting" people while waiting ( I am prob one of those people).

 I brought things for the girls to do while we waiting ( been through the process before and learned the first time, the hard way)...and after about an hour, I was almost DONE myself...but we had to keep waiting.

 Then, this lady came and sat in one of the seats behind us...and, for some reason, Andy went right up to her.  She just started chatting, my little gal who is afraid of everything and has to warm up to the idea of anything.

 I then heard her tell the lady " I love my family...and we are a good family and I LOVE that we will be together forever."

 Something came over me at that moment.  I, of course, started to tear up a little bit, but I know that my gal had spoken truth and spoken with the spirit and the lady she told it to knew it too.  We both teared up, and she said that was about the best thing she has ever heard someone say ( my thoughts exactly).

 My daughter taught me so much that day, as every day, things hard to explain.  She showed me her testimony, but also showed me how easy it is to be a missionary, and how we should NOT be afraid to do that. 

 I only hope I can be like her...