Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ok,so here are three more videos.....These three are actually my fav. videos from St. George. I didn't record long cause I HATE waiting for it to upload. ANNOYING!!!
This is my new favorite...>ZERO GRAVITY. I really wish that I would have recorded longer and shown his little move he did the entire time!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Archie Adventures---Part 2

Ok, so I went a little overkill with the videos...I am glad I did at St. George, since, again, so different in St. George. The first two videos are of US singing along. TOO much fun. Wait till you hear what happened after...not to that yet....

I got a few on the piano, I was still figuring out the capacity of the camera at this point...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Archie Adventures---Part 1

So, we went to the concert in St. George and the concert in Salt Lake--VERY VERY DIFFERENT Concerts...

Here is why;

St. George

  • Lots of empty seats
  • Not as crazy
  • No real tight security ( little less prepared)
  • Could actually hear David singing
  • We sat during the concert
  • No parking--we walked, no pay for parking
  • we stood out as the few who sang along with him
  • Overall more intimate
  • David bounced around the stage a whole lot more
  • There was no Big screen to look at for something you missed.

Salt Lake

  • $10 parking
  • Completely sold out
  • So much screaming my throat is killing
  • I have gone deaf from all the screaming
  • We stood the entire time
  • Alot longer---2 pre-show groups (as opposed to 1 in St. George)
  • Archie spoke allot more to crowd, got excited more
  • He was worn out faster ( I think it was the crowd) so not moving around as much

This is Archie coming on Stage in Dixie...

They Both were AWESOME. We were glad we got to see both concerts as they had different feelings to them. I didn't record half as much in Salt Lake cause it was so noisy...but here are a few videos.

This is the very first song....we love love loved it!!!

I have decided that music is better live. I loved David pre-concert, but after....MAN, he is AMAZING! He really has learned how to work the stage and grown up so much!

St. George---Pre Concert--YES WE ARE THIS CRAZY!!

Andy and I drove with gamma to St. George with Auntie Kaylie and Jessica. Just so happened that David Archuletta was going to be in St. George the same time as us....HOW COOL IS THAT????

We did not have tickets to the concert, but we thought (about an hour before the concert)--"we should go over to the venue ( which is across the street from my brother's house where we were staying) and be a part of it".

We see David's "bus" and sord of decide that if we stare at it long enough, then we would be cool. Well, just so happens we were right. All of a sudden we see David not 20 feet from the three of us (there was NO ONE AROUND). We scream, and he waves at us.

The next part of the story I am pleading temporary insanity---We saw him get in a white van with tinted windows and a driver...So, we, of course, decide we need to follow. We drove behind him for a few blocks, then on the side. His "driver" looks over, smiles, then waves at us. Then we see David wave at us. WE WERE DYING! I then realize I don't have my licence, and this probably isn't the smartest thing we have ever done, so we go home.

We were so star struck that we decided we HAD to figure out how to go to the concert. Come to find out, it wasn't well advertised...there were plenty of tickets and I already had a babysitter....SO WOW!!!! ON TO THE REAL EXCITEMENT!!

We really had no idea the events that would unfold....even though I had no makeup, was not prepared at all...I did at least get my camera. So, join me while the next few posts explain our Archie Adventures!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Picture Tag!!

I love this tag!!! This pic was my sixth pic in my sixth folder. This is Andy Bev "chilling" on her grandma last August when we were visiting.!! I love it. Can't wait to see grandma tomorrow...can't wait.

6 People I tag: Jae, Pam, Rae, Carissa, Angela, and Sara

Sunday, March 15, 2009

PIE DAY!!! 3.14

Ok, so we have officially removed all doubt that my hubby and I are big huge DORKS. If you were doubting, this video and explanation of our day will put you over the top!!

My husband informed me a few days ago that Every year him and his brother have celebrated "pie day". He has never informed me of this, and I have never heard of it....but I always love a new day to celebrate.
So on March 14 ( that is 3.14) it is offically PIE day ( or PI Day). We told his oldest brother we were coming to his house and bringing pies to celebrate. Johnnie then gets all into it then looks up "PI (3.14 ) on the internet and finds all sorts of cool info. I have never known any PI number past 3.14, but I thought it would be way fun to try and memorize a few of them.
Steve and I have pie now up to 63 numbers. I thought I was pretty cool, until we read that the champion is 67,000 or so numbers. Next year, we are going to try for more. Enjoy the video of us being big geeks!! You gotta love it!!!
Here are the first 100 digits of PI...just for kicks----

Friday, March 13, 2009

Disney On Ice

Thanks Jenessa for inviting us to Disney On Ice! Man, if it weren't for Jae, I wouldn't know about half the cool stuff that goes on in Utah. What are we going to do when you are in Florida?

We absolutley loved it, and as you can see from Andy's dancing---she loved it too!!! We think her fav's were Timon and Pumba and then Ayrial with the Bubbles! What a blast! We will be going when they come again, and think Andy will love it even more!

Monday, March 9, 2009

That "OTHER" School.

Many of you know we put in an application to the U ( number one choice actually). People always wondered how I would react if we got in, would my loyalties change. Let me clear that up right away.

I HAVE BLUE BLOOD! I ALWAYS HAVE AND ALWAYS WILL. My loyalties will never change. I am a BYU grad, and even if I wasn't they are the ONLY school for me.

Having said that---If we did get in, I would just have to tone down my obnoxious comments aimed in their direction! GOOD NEWS---I WILL NOT HAVE TO TONE ANYTHING DOWN!!!! We just got our non--acceptance letter a few days ago (I am choosing to not call it a rejection letter). So, all the crazy feelings I have for that "other "school ( going to use the name as little as possible) can remain. So, No worries. For those of you unbelievers who thought for a second I would sway (shame on you) NOW YOU NEVER HAVE TO WORRY!!!

I am masking just how sad we are about it---won't go into that. We REALLY thought he would be in this year at the U. Other good news---there is much we have to learn! We will be going through another year of applying!!! You have heard me rant about this process, so going through it twice is twice as hard. At least this time we know what to expect.

Please keep us in your prayers. YOU have no idea how difficult this whole process is for all of us.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Why It AINT So Bad Being BROKE!!!!

Almost everyone I know has DVR, cable, the works. Also own a home, three cars, etc. I would be lying if I said there were times I was NEVER jealous! We live in an apt, have one barely working car and most definetly do NOT have any kind of cable or anything like it....Ok, now it sounds like I am complaining and I really don't mean it that way....This is just a HUGE setup for what is next!

Last night "my show" was on---The Idol! While everyone around me was using their DVR to record the show and watch it later so as to fast forward the commercials, I was the sucker that had to watch it live ( or was I?).

Last night the show went over almost 10 minutes. These 10 minutes were only the BIGGEST 10 minutes in the history of idol. They announced that instead of having a top 12, there will be a top 13. But it wasn't the announcement that was so great as the LIVE REACTION to the announcement!

Well, you guessed it. Those with DVR missed it. It cut off the last of the show! So, those of us who can't afford those luxeries got a small one thrown at them in that we got to see the end!!! I know I am rambling off at the expense of others, but it was so hilarious to me that people brag about their DVR and this one time it wasn't a good thing to have. I WILL TAKE WHAT I CAN GET!

In other words, even when we think we aren't caught up with the rest of the world, have the same things they have, get things they want when they need it---every now and then there is a little reminder that Money isn't everything. We can be happy with whatever we have been given, and for this moment---Steve and I will probably be struggling with the money issue for the next 10 years. But there will come a time when we won't have to worry as much. I am not going to wait 10 years to be happy, but look for the little things NOW in the MOMENT that make things just a little brighter!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Think I QUIT

Ok, so my last post was dedicated to the hard work i did last week. Believe me, I am not exaggerating!!! I worked so hard exercising, not sneaking any treats and just overall doing better than ever.

I get on the scale and gained over 5 pounds! I literally started crying. So, I am at my breaking point. Why eat healthy? Why bust my butt exercising? I am seriously to the point where I am ready to say " I QUIT". AAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Exercixe Mania!!!

Last week was INSANE!! I am not sure how I did it, but I worked so hard last week. From Taebo, to Kung Fu Dancing, To Ward Sweetheart's Dance, Curves, To walking everywhere....I got a huge workout last week.

So, this week, I AM IN PAIN. My body is seriously hurting right now. I have yet to learn the fine art of keeping balance, and taking it one step at a time!!! Thanks to my sweetie for helping by giving me backrubs to feel better!!! Hoping that I can still workout this week!