Monday, December 21, 2009

Early Christmas and best 2009!

As I have already stated, I was really bummed that Steve had to work Christmas AGAIN this year ( along with all the other holidays), but we have been trying to make the best of it. It just so happens that some of our presents had to come early, due to delivery details.
One of the best parts is that I really didn't think we were going to have a Christmas at all this year, but we have been completely surprised by one of the best Christmas yet!

The first BIG present to arrive came from our Aunt Sherri and Uncle Mike....They brought Andy by her very own BIG girl bed. We were worried how she would transition and really wanted her to do it before baby came and "stole" her bed." To our amazement...she has completely loved her new big girl bed...and has not had ANY problems with it. She goes down right when we put her and does not get up! She is so proud of herself and we couldn't be happier. We are glad this present came early. We thought we should get her brand new bedspread and sheets to go along with the bed. So, we have her princess sheets, which she is so proud of! In a package we opened the other day, her cousins sent her some princess pajamas which match her bed perfectly! They had no idea, so this was even more exciting! This is us at our annual temple square trip. It was freezing and Andy was so tired, but we still had so much fun looking at all the lights!
About a month ago, I was complaining to Steve telling him I didn't feel like myself...That I was a mom and happy to be one, but just didn't feel like I was expressing myself. I was concerned how I would be when my kids grew up and were out of the house, since I have no sense of self. He really was listening...which makes my Christmas present this year all the more special.
Music has always been a huge part of my life...My way to release, to express myself. It doesn't help that any time I start singing my daughter screams and says "NO". So, Steve has desperately been searching for a piano that would not only NOT break the bank, but fit our apartment, and work with our family.
I think he more than succeeded. Not only does it fit perfectly in our house and make it feel more like a home....One of the best features is that we can put headphones in it, so I can play while kids are sleeping, which is really the only time I can play anyway . (don't missunderstand, it is used and not as expensive as it looks, but that makes it more fun right)

Going from no Christmas to my favorite ever is a complete turn around for me! We really thought we wouldn't even have presents under the tree this year (that is just how finances are with us lately), but we have been pleasantly surprised with a few packages from family showing up at our door, and have more than we could have wished for.!!

What a beautiful season and beautiful time for our family. I have never been happier. Steve is going to medical school next year, I have a beautiful daughter and one on the way. My cup runneth over and I just am so grateful!

Monday, December 14, 2009

All grown up in one day??

My little gal has been quite an adventure when it comes to the potty. For the longest time we have tried to do everything just to get her to sit on it. From buying her own potty, to one that sits on the toilet...putting it in a different room completely. Taking things in and out of the toilet, buying potty books and DVDs, having her watch us go all the time, bribing her...She was so afraid of the toilet ( not the flush, the toilet toilet---and yes, the little one)

We wouldn't have even tried anything if she didn't hate diapers so much and say "stinky, change me" every time she goes. She has shown every sign that she wanted to use the potty except the actual sitting on the potty part.

So, this morning out of nowhere, she says "momma, I go stinky on potty." "What, you want to go on the potty?" Yeah

We take her into the bathroom, she drops her pants and sits on it like she hasn't been screaming bloody murder every time. I about died, am still dying over it. Then she wanted dad to come and hold her hand. Dad sat on the toilet right next to her. She didn't even want to get off.

Finally, when nothing was happening and it was forever, we said "let's get off" only to find out she did do a tiny little poop! I am still dying. You have no idea the trauma, and bam out of nowhere.

Right before nap time I asked her if she wanted to sit on the potty, and she said yes. I don't even care if she goes or has to go. It has been so traumatic the sitting, that if we can just manage that for a while, I will be perfectly content. After that she asked for her big girl bed (her auntie just brought it over last week, but we haven't put it in her room yet cause Steve is working, so we haven't pushed it). But, I wasn't about to tell her NO.

So, she took her very first nap, without ANY problems, laying in mom's room on her very own big girl bed. I am still in shock! She woke up and has sat on the toilet throughout the day ( not going, but again, I don't care).

Right now she is sitting here watching Strawberry Shortcake and I am wondering what happened today. Where did all this Courage come from? Did she just completely grow up in one day right before my eyes? Did I mention we also swung on the swing today, which she has NEVER done cause she is so afraid of it!

I am so very happy and not sure how long it will last. I am so proud of this day, this moment. You are definitely a mommy when something like this just makes your "year" better. I love it and I love my grown up little girl. She is the most precious thing in the world!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My baby and her baby....

Andy's grandma gave her a dress and a dress for her dollie the other day. Andy, of course, fell in love with it. This just makes me all the more excited for another little girl that Andy can have around, play with, and dress like...
So dang cute, and so happy!

Monday, December 7, 2009

A wonderful church surprise!!

Yesterday started out like our typical sunday. We were running very late, already 20 minutes late to church, barely prepared for Sunday...

We rushed out the door and got to church. Steve and I even debated on walking in the chapel and finding a seat, or sitting on the chairs just outside. I then decided it is more fun on testimony day to watch the people speak. We get a seat on the very back row.

Andy starts acting up, so I am paying attention to her, barely hearing the testimonies. All of a sudden, the bishop announces that Dallin H. Oaks will be bearing his testimony. I almost yell out loud "WHAT?" Steve replies, "didn't you see him sitting up there and people talking about him?" NO NO NO, i didn't.

I almost hyperventilate, realizing how amazing this moment is...I've only heard of this sort of thing. He gets up and says sometimes if he doesn't have a stake conference to go to, he just drives around until he finds a nice looking building with nice people and just decides to come check in on them. "SERIOUSLY?"

He then bears his testimony about the gospel and how the holy ghost is unique gift to our church and we need to use it. He tells us he will be "popping in" to some of our class rooms for a few minutes and he doesn't want to disrupt, just see how we do things. WOW

To be completely honest, I was a little sad since I figured we wouldn't see him cause we are in primary. So, right after sacrament meeting, I decided I needed to shake his hand. I was in shock there wasn't a line. I went right up to him and said, can I just shake your hand, and could feel of his powerful calling.

I ran back to Steve saying "I want Andy to meet this apostle." So he ran her up to him, he took her hand and called her a Dear. We loved that of course.

Went to primary and just before senior primary was excused...he shows up. I about died. You could fill the spirit when he walked in the room. The presidency asked if he wanted to share something with the kids. So he got up, and spoke directly to them about being the rising generation and very special and unique for the church. He bore testimony of Jesus and how special they are to him. I was holding back the tears. It was so powerful and incredible...never been that intimate with an apostle. There are 24 kids in our primary...

He stayed in the back for a few more minutes and watched sharing time. INCREDIBLE! I felt bad for all the people who missed church yesterday or who were sick ( which was me last week). You really never know how church is going to go. I felt the spirit Elder Oaks exuded and am so grateful for his testimony. I will always remember this special sunday!

Friday, November 20, 2009

On having a hard pregnancy....

So, yesterday I went to my typical baby doc apt, being 27 weeks along. Steve and Andy joined me as well..

For some reason, yesterday's apt. was not pleasant and it had everything to do with diabetes. I thought I was doing so good with my diabetes, but my doctor kind of laid into me. You have to be in so much better control than even not being pregnant. The catch is--it is only about a million times harder to be in control when you are pregnant cause your body is constantly changing and needing different insulin needs (believe me, I don't even think people realize, unless they are diabetic, just how much hormones and baby growth changes the mom---you can actually see it with you glucose numbers)....

They want me to be in better control than I ever had in my 24 years of having diabetes. It is all overwhelming...I am so complaining and I feel awful about it. I will blame it on the hormones ( good excuse right).

Andy got restless halfway through the apt, so Steve took her out. That left the doc and me alone. I love my doc, he is so concerned about everything and on the ball. AMAZING! I was, however, holding back my tears and the second we walked out of the appointment I just started sobbing and kept sobbing throughout the day.

Today is better, but I am still on the verge of losing it. I am just so overwhelmed and feeling like a failure. We are now going to the doctor WEEKLY and the Endo, dietitian and diabetic clinic weekly. It is all worth it, and I am so grateful my doctor cares so much ( he is so dif than the doc that delivered Andy, he could have cared less)....I just need alot of prayers right now. I am so tired from crying, but I can't hold it in. Maybe I will run out of tears eventually.

I am one of the lucky ones who even has the chance to be pregnant....I am eternally grateful for that. I need to get a better outlook somehow. Somehow, somehow.....

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The dream of being a doctor.......

I am so proud of my husband! He has worked so hard, learned so much and put so much into his dream of becoming a doctor! It truly has been an emotional process for us, with lots of learning curves. We learned the hard way some mistakes we made in the process (like applying earlier than later makes the biggest difference).
Steve got his acceptance into the MD program at Tulane medical school in New Orleans! We are thrilled! When he interviewed there, he loved everything about the school, the place and his interview. Had an overall good feeling.
At this point we really don't think we can afford to fly and interview anywhere we are just waiting to hear back from the U. Steve interviewed in Oct. and they told him he would not hear back until Mar ( so sad I know). The U is a very long shot, but still our first choice.
It would not be that horrible to not get into the U since we are in medical school. It is just wonderful to know we are on the path to the dream of being a doctor! Whether it is in New Orleans or Utah, we are so happy and ready for this new adventure in our lives to begin.
I thought the cartoon was hilarious....the beginning of fun med school moments.....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Crazy day, especially for Steve.....

Another one for the books today---CRAZINESS!!

Steve drives to work and about halfway there does a realization he took the car I DRIVE (which has the car seat in it) to work....So he calls me, all bummed and says "I AM ON MY WAY HOME." I bust up and ask if he is having a pregnancy moment.

He is already running late as he switches cars and heads out again. These time he is more than halfway there when he realizes the car is breaking down and barely makes it into a gas station. He calls me AGAIN and says "c0me and take me to work."

I freak out wondering what we are going to do with our car and realize this is the WORST TIME (of course) for car problems. We have been having serious money problems and even said we aren't doing Christmas this year cause we have no money.

ANYWHO--by the time I get to his car and we figure out a tow and such...Steve is over 2 hours late to work ( not a fun way to start a very long work day). We then realize he won't have a ride home, so I have to wake ANDY so we can pick up dad at midnight! I am a little frustrated to say the least.

We don't know if our 20 year old car is fixable, and if it is are pretty sure we can't afford it. I am almost 7 months along and at time when I really could be using a car. This just really really stinks...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Not yet...continued......

So, it is hard to capture on tape just how she is since you always act different on tape, but this is a good little glimpse. Hard not to laugh, but a typical response to most questions...Except she usually says "NOT YET" a whole lot more...

Monday, November 2, 2009

Not yet.....

I have no clue where kids learn phrases. As a mother, I have had to stop and think before I open my mouth cause I know whatever I say could ( and probably WILL) eventually be repeated.

If it is repeated, I usually know the source and can laugh or cry at it. So, when my daughter's new favorite phrase has suddenly become "NOT YET" and I have NO CLUE where she picked it up...I am at a loss for words.

It is a better thing to hear than straight out NO. When I say, "K, time for dinner." and she responds "NOT YET.." It does make me laugh a little...

But after an entire day of , "time for nap " "NOT YET", or "let's get in the car..." "NOT YET" gets really really really old really fast. People who hear it for the first time just crack up and say it is so cute ( including my husband--whom I think is the culprit of the phrase---hmmm....) Well, for now I will enjoy a silent moment of no one saying "NOT YET"

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Andy's B-day Flashback

We bought her a really great, brand new doll and stroller for her birthday. The doll moves and talks. She loves the doll so much!
We love this special little birthday cake....She loved it too...Very yummy!!

So, Andy's birthday was back in July, but we never did a post about it. I kept saying I would get to it...But I never did, so I thought I would now cause we love watching anything bday related...Andy LOVES birthdays!!
Andy's cousing Kiersten came over to spend the night on her birthday...We had so much fun!

Andy just loves balloons...they are her new obsession!

We love to do some dancing together...So fun!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Last Night.....

Not sure why I even bother writing this...maybe I want some sympathy, but here is how my night went last night.

10pm- Steve went to bed. I did not follow cause I wanted to give him a head start for his big day.

12am-I decide that maybe it is time for me to go to bed.

12:45am- I wake myself up snoring and freak that I might wake Steve, so I go downstairs on our hard couch.

1:30 am- I am so wired, cold and tired...

1:45am- I hear Steve up and coughing. I decide I should go up there and see what is going on.

2 am- Get into bed with Steve. He starts asking me how I am. I bark at him and tell him not to worry about it.

2:15 am- Steve and I are both restless, and start talking about how we are wired and anxious for tomorrow.

3-4:45am- laying in bed, shivering, trying to rest my mind.

4:45-5:30am- Sometime in there I actually fall asleep and then am awakened by Steve's alarm. I tell Steve he can turn on the light.

5:45 am- Feel guilty that I haven't made breakfast....sit and talk myself into waking up.

6- 7:00am- decide I need to make breakfast and help Steve any way I can.

7am- Steve leaves for his interview...I crawl into bed praying for some sleep and that Andy will wake up late.

7:30am--Andy wakes up and I start sobbing. I don't know how I am going to face this day. I am so exhausted, tired, pregnant, not happy---everything.

1pm--Cleaned the whole house, went shopping, and did many errands. I think it was a mistake. I feel really sick and like I am going to be out for another week if I even shut my eyes.
I do way too much, and any normal person would be dying of exhaustion from lack of sleep, but being pregnant and diabetic, I feel like dying. (I really don't feel like I am being that drama). Say a prayer for me!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Our busy week.....

This week is going to be one of our weirder weeks, so this might be one of the last times all week that I get to really use the laptop..

I just want to note down how it is suppose to go, so I can keep it straight myself:

Monday-Steve has work until 11 pm.
We have to get Steve's shirt pressed.
Attempting to help Andy enjoy the potty ( she is deathly afraid of it).
Do ALOT of errands. (find manager and sign lease)

Tuesday-Play group in the morning.
Temple trip with Steve.
Visit with grandparents.
Last minute get everything together for interviews.

Wednesday-Steve has his interview with the U at 7 am.
Start getting all the house in order, and catch up on laundry.

Thursday-Babysitting Steve's co-workers child for the day.
Clean house for Parents coming over.
Possibly Homecoming Spectacular at BYU
Parents spending the night.

Friday- Babysitting co-workers child for the day.
Parents hanging out in the morning.
Andy has music class 11-12
Make sure everything is packed for weekend and Steve's trip.
Head to Provo around 3.
Meet up with fam and do Provo activities

Saturday- Homecoming Parade 10 am.
ESPN college game day.
BYU game-5:30 pm
Mapquest all of Steve's routes for New Orleans.

Sunday- Take Steve to airport at 5 am.
Get lesson ready for church.
Family Party.
Parents spending the night!

--PLEASE PRAY FOR STEVE THIS WEEK. He has 2 HUGE interviews in one week. I am trying to make things as smooth as possible for him, and as little stress as possible. With extra kids, my parents coming into town, and BYU puts alot on his plate. There is alot to prepare for and make sure things are in order. I want to do most of it for him so he doesn't have to worry about it. Going to be a fun week!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Vegas---the BYU game with the fam!!

We had so much fun going down to vegas to be able to watch the BYU game....Not only did we get to see Mckay, Heather, Kai, Jake, Megan and PO...but we WON!! The night before we walked down the strip and had a blast (the kids were up way too late)....Then we came home and some of us dipped in our cousins pool ( lots of fam in vegas, it was so nice).

The next day Steve was so sick ....couldn't keep anything down. You know he is sick when he can't eat...But he was still a trooper and went to the game!!

Yes that is blue streaks in my hair! I love it!
Andy didn't get in bed until around midnight the night before. By second half she was out!!

All of us having a blast at the game!!
This is dear Megan Hanging in the back of Jacob's car for our tailgate party! So cute!!!

Steve and I just chilling. He couldn't eat cause he was so sick the whole day. What a trooper!!

Tailgaiting fools...gotta love us!!

The cutest cousins, loving being together!!

What a stud!!

Mckay being the grilling Nazzi. So fun brothers!! We love to tailgate!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Still good people in the world.....

I was driving on the freeway today while headed to the store. As I was driving, it suddenly felt like the car was tipping and that I was going to roll over. About a minute later, it started making some funny noises that I really could not describe.

I thankfully made it off the freeway, and into the Carl's Junior parking lot. I get out to find that we have a flat tire----SERIOUSLY???

I immediately try not to completely freak, just partially freak. Do we have a spare? ( we have had so many flat tires)...How is a pregnant, crazy, not really sure what she is going to do going to change the tire? I don't know any men. Everyone I know is a mom who, if I called, would have to pack up their kids and come be crazy with me.

All of a sudden out of nowhere appear my two heroes. Two young guys just pull up and ask, if I need help, then immediately start working on changing the tire. I get teary eyed and try not to break down. I just got so emotional, I was so happy that there were two honest, very nice,willing men to help me out.

There are many times when I lose faith in the world and start thinking that no one is nice anymore. Today , thankfully, proved me wrong. This post is for my two heroes. Thankyou, whoever you are out there, for stopping and just helping someone who really needed it! I hope if you need help one day that someone will come along and help you!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

And we are having....

I would really be lying if I said that I could actually see what I am suppose to, but I trust what they tell me. Everything is great, in the right place and scheduled right.

For those of you who can't see it either---we are having exactly what we were hoping. A LITTLE GIRL! I don't know why no one believes that we wanted a girl....why wouldn't you? Not only do we already have everything ready for a girl (clothes, shoes, etc...), but I LOVE that my sis and I are close in age. Makes it so much fun.

We wanted a girl, but thought it was a boy ( like most of you did as well), so I am still in shock and not believing it. Steve started crying he was so happy! Just happy the baby is doing well and we are on track!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Real Love Part 2????

Exactly a month ago, I did a post about "real love "....and then continued to describe getting through my daughters illness...

Well, it has been exactly one month...and today I walk into her room and she is covered in throwupfrom head to toe....I immediately threw up myself. I am so worried about my little girl...going through this twice in a month time frame.

PLease pray for my daughter and me so that we can get through this together. I need all the help I can get right now!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The baby's sex....

As of this coming Wed....Oct 7th, we will FINALLY find out the sex of our baby....So you all have just a few days to do our poll on side and guess ( as if you could have any clue at all) whether it is a boy or a girl....Interested to see what you think!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Our temple trip

I don't remember the last time we went to the temple...we don't need to go into detail about that, just that it is sad.

Yesterday, on a whim, we decided we needed to go to the temple. So0, I called up my cousin Alex who rearranged her schedule just so she could watch Andy for us. THANK YOU SO MUCH ALEX. It would not have been possible without her willing hand...makes such a difference!

We really enjoyed the temple and decided we can't wait months until we go again. Hopefully we can arrange a once a month time!! I know there are so many blessings that come from being at the temple. BEfore Andy came, we went once a week....It has gotten harder to go, yet it is more important.

I use to actually work at the temple. Now that I have a child, I am not allowed until they are all grown. so glad I took the opportunity while I could. I love the temple and the blessings it brings.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Drama just follows us....

I will admit, I can be a little drama...I don't ask for it though....And just cause something happens to me that is a little dramatic, does not mean that I DRAMATISED IT, or brought it on myself. I didn't cause a flood on my mission..I didn't ask people to vandalise my house, it just happens. Steve says it is my challenge in life to deal with the drama dealt to me...

I have to back up a few months before I get to my main story.... We live in a town home with over 30 other town home occupants. I would say at least 80% of the occupancy are smokers. We are NOT allowed to smoke in our homes, but in certain smoking areas.

To make a very long story short, we have had several issues with the smoking problem (if you read some old blogs you heard about vandalism from smokers). Well, for some reason, summer has made things worse, much worse.

Every night we breathe it in as if we are smoking ourselves. This really wouldn't be that big of a deal if I didn't have a 2 year old and was pregnant, but for the safety of our kids, we really have been trying to fight this. Needless to say, all our neighbors are NOT happy with us. They think we are being snobs and it has made things very difficult for us...

Last night at close to 7, we get a knock on our door. Two young girls asking if we have seen there 2 yr. old sister Starlette....They tell us she has been missing for an hour.
Steve immediately jumps up from what he is doing, runs outside and starts looking out for her...I jump into panic mode, start thinking about how I would feel if I lost my own gal....then decide I need to go looking as well...I tell Andy we are going to look for a friend.
I go outside, to see many people in the neighborhood running around.. I think, " I should get in my car and drive and look." So I run in and grab my keys prepared to do that. When I come back out i run into one of my neighbors and we start talking about looking where you don't want to look, like in a creek, or in the road. She then says to look in cars.
I change my mind and decide to look in a weeded area thinking she may be hidden by a bush or so. I was frantic, it is going to get dark soon...what will happen then. I don't even know this kid...have the police been called.
I am with Andy looking when I hear people talking. I yell over and Steve then tells me----she has been found---WHAT A RELIEF. He then says "where are our keys? She is in our car?"
Are you serious? I have to chuck them over to him as a fence and weeds are separating us. OF ALL PLACES SHE IS FOUND IN OUR CAR? WHY OUR CAR? WHY NOT ANY ON ELSES CAR? Don't we have enough people thinking we are crazy.
I was just happy she was found, but still couldn't believe it was in our car, and I had walked past it along with half the neighbors several times. Steve found her crying and jumping in the back. She had locked herself in...we don't know how long, or how she did it, or how she even got in, but she got in.
The police of course had to question Steve. I just still am in shock from the whole thing. I didn't ask for it, but somehow we got more involved than we wanted to. All is well, not sure what the neighbors are saying or thinking....just glad we all rallied together.
Needless to say, it doesn't matter what I do or where I go, the DRAMA just seems to follow me.,..ARRRRRGGGHHHH!@!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chicago Trip Part 2

One of our very first days we went to the Museum of Science and Industry. A place I was told we had to go, and was never able to cause it was just outside my mission....These are some of my fav pics from there. This is Steve "playing " an exhibit. This lights were coming down, and if you got under them, it was like playing the piano. He played chopsticks for everyone. I am not sure why I never video recorded it.

Steve sticking his head out of the submarine. My dad would love this!

Steve thought this pic was great. It was really uncomfortable to take though.

I was obsessed with this. It just made me sad and sick all at once. This is where astros go to the bathroom. It takes them over an hour to do everything. Isn't that horrible?

Steve thinks he is so funny being a pirate, but we did have alot of fun.

This is the infamous car from Harry Potter....the flying, spacious car. I LOVE IT!

Monday, September 7, 2009


For those of you who missed the BYU/OK game--shame on you! However, Steve did miss it for work reasons. It really is a game that will be talked about for decades.

I am so proud of the COUGS. This is a video of the best parts of the game, kind of choppy, but sums it up pretty well. Happy to be in football season and proud to be a cougar. We were suppose to be lucky to hold them to 60 points, but yet came away with a win. GO COUGARS!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Real love

Our Internet has been fickle lately so I have not been using my blog as my outlet for my thoughts. On that note, I have a flood of thoughts that I feel I need to write down and this is the spot I am choosing to do it.

I love my daughter so much. She really s my world (this is not a new thought, and I have expressed it several times before). Yesterday she was extremely sick and throwing up...That is ONE THING that has always been a weakness of mine. Can't handle it. If I see it happening, I usually end up doing it myself.

As I cleaned her for the umpteenth time, trying desperately hard not to throw up myself, i just stared at her and felt this overwhelming love for my daughter. I kept thinking " i really must love you if I can stomach this, especially while being pregnant."

Today was recovery day. After a long long night, Andy decided to curl up on my lap at 11 am and take a nap...meaning that was all I would be doing until she was done. When she was done, she woke up, screamed, took off her pajamas and her diaper and would not let me put on another one. She then proceed to bang her head and feet against the wall and other places, producing blood....when she finally gave up, fell in my arms and fell asleep. This process of sleeping, then screaming continued the whole entire day.

We have come to the end of our long exhausting day, and I just put my screaming child in her crib and let her scream. Then I went back and she was quit. I told her I would stay with her. She just wanted the comfort of having mom around. I sat on the floor next to her crib and sobbed. I kept thinking, "this has been the worst day ever....Yet, one of the greatest."

There is something about being the only one that can comfort your child, that thing that only comes with being a mother. That thing that shows it is the hardest, yet greatest "thing" in the whole world.

Again, I felt an overwhelming love for my little gal and appreciation for her in my life and the role I am to her. I wanted nothing but to remember those feelings, which is what lead me to this point.

I am so happy to be having another little one and pray that I have it in me to give him or her the best possible! I thank my father every day for this gift, for my children...They indeed are the biggest trial and the biggest blessing I will ever know...I believe that is my definition of real love

Chicago Trip Part 1

For the BIG 30, my treat was to go to MY town---CHICAGO!! BEST TRIP EVER! We had so much fun, stayed, in an 4 star hotel for really cheap, saw the sites, and visited amazing people. You can 't go to Chicago without going to GIORDANO"S, my favorite place to eat. Chicago stuffed pizza, and NO it is not that same stuff you can get a Pizza HUT. SO MUCH BETTER! We ate there more than once, of course....if I wasn't pregnant sick, we would have eaten every meal there!
The infamous bean that is new to me....see the skyline of chicago there!

Us at the Bean. So weird, yet fun!

An awesome place for everyone to cool off. Sooo much fun!

Monday, July 13, 2009

And then there were 4!!!!!!

So, I am the kind of person that needs ALOT of support! With my diabetes, it always takes things to a whole other level and makes things more complicated.

Yes, we are pregnant! We are extactic about it, you have no idea! This has been long coming and I was not sure it was going to happen--very difficult, very hard, very much an answer to a prayer.

I am just over 8 weeks along and have already had an ultrasound, been to several docs and have several more appointments. Diabetic doc tomorrow. Everything with EVERYTHING changes when you are prego, and I love it.

Felt the morning sickness. I know it isn't typical protocol to tell people this early, but not only are we so excited and I feel like I already waited a while...but, like I already said, I need the support. I need help knowing what to do and people telling me I can do it.

For me it isn't just sit and watch 10 months go is ALOT of work. ALOT of testing my blood, monitoring my food and keeping track of everything---and if anything goes awry I really need the support.

We thank Heaven above for this blessing. We know many people who don't have this opportunity and our hearts go out to them. We aren't sure how many more times this can happen with my body, but as I saidwe are grateful for this little miracle as we know just conceiving is a miracle in and of itself!

Not exact on the date, even after an ultrasound ( I always like to complicate things), but it looks to be around Feb 17! Until further updates....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More fun vacation....

While we were in St. George, Mckay told us about a movie in the park. Great idea! Before the movie, There was music playing and Andy loved to dance to it! So much fun!!

I finally forced Andy in the water...After some fighting and screaming, she loved it!!

These are the girls just chillen and watching a movie together! They had so much fun! Andy is going through lots of withdrawels right now missing them!!

Our vacation.....

Our vacation was absolutley amazing!!! We started out visitng family in Fresno---we actually have lots of fam in fresno CA.

For some reason, Andy was a little unsure of water -aka swimming, any kind of pool--when we started our vacation. It wasn't until St. George that she actually warmed up to the pool. Here are some pics of her just looking at the pool.

We were so happy to finally see our little cousins. We went everywhere with them and stayed in the same places. We happened to find some sun glasses and thought it would be fun to show a pic of all of them wearing glasses. Andy loved it!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

3 week vacation

Wow...I can't beleive how fun and wild things have been. I was going to post a while ago about my huge preparations for a 3 week vaca, but part of the vaca was a surprise, so I had to hold back.

I flew to Fresno California to suprise my grandparents ( plus I have aunts, uncles and cousins all in that area), and also surprise my sister Sara who was coming later but had no clue I was. I have NOT been into surprises lately, but it sure was fun to see everyone's faces.

Everyone gets excited at Andy Bev's glasses everywhere I go and stop me all the time to ask me about them---I love it.

Right now I am currently in St. George with everyone in my immediate family coming except for my brother on his mission. This is fun and crazy crazy times. It really isn't easy sometimes being on a long vacation with a toddler, but it is worth it.

After a week here, we are heading to Park City around the 4th for Steve's birthday. This will be my last post for a while until after that. Pictures to follow....

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

You know....

So the other night I asked Steve to end the night with a prayer for us. He thanked for things, asked for things...Then he asked for help with application process so he could "you know..." "did I just say that?"

After Steve said that exact line in the prayer, it was over---we were busting! He apologized for our silliness, which made me bust some more!

I am grateful for those moments that we can have that we just laugh and know that God has a sense of humor.

Speaking of sense of humor---the acronym to Steve's job is F.A.G.S. Fragment Ananalysis and Genetic Sequencing. So, in other words, he works in the FAGS department. He told me this (I never knew his department) the other day and I have been teasing him about it ever since. He usually grins and bears my humor.

We went to a work picnic for him yesterday and I thought the whole department was in on the joke, so I walk into his department and say, "so this is the FAGS department."

Then his boss's boss looked at me funny and I didn't understand. Steve, needless to say, was not happy with me cause this could be taken bad if you aren't in on the joke! OOOOPPPS

Friday, June 5, 2009

Apps ROUND 2

It is that time again where the stress level rises and we just start down a path of applying for medical schools.

I really am not sure how I feel about it. In one sense, it is easier---we know what to expect, we know what we did wrong and we know how to fix things.

In another sense, it is crazier. I feel a little more stressed about the whole thing (like if we don't get in this time I might actually kill someone)---I know how stressful it was LAST time so anticipating it is almost worst.

On a different note---we have applied to more schools and have decided that ANY school that requests a secondary, we will do it. Last time we only filled out a few of the secondaries and we were slow on a few of them.

There is NO REASON Steve should NOT get in. He is in the 95th percentile for everything, grades, MCAT, and has exceeded expectations with all other requirements. We know people who were much lower with lots of things that got in LAST year. We know alot of that had to do with WHEN he turned everything in and won't make that mistake twice.

Also, at one point it is just out of our hands. I am so grateful for another year to prepare for this big step. I feal Heavenly Father had a hand in everything. PLEASE PRAY FOR US. We really need it!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day with Grandma

Growing up we spent many a memorial day at Wasatch Memorial Park visiting My grandpa Marion with alot of the family. Grandma made sure we would all go and trim around the stone.

When Grandma Died 6 years ago and had her funeral on my birthday, I did not know what I was going to do. Grandma is one of , if not THE greatest person I know. She raised 4 children on her own, she is strong willed and just purely incredible.

I have always been a little sad that Steve never met her. I am happy for the people in my life who have cause I think their lives are better.

Since her funeral, I have not been back to visit the graveside. I have no excuse, but this year I was missing her so much and wanted Andy and Steve to be a part of it. I love what it says, "sweethearts forever", with "BYU", and everything. While sitting there, Jae and her family showed up. I just thought "man, grandma would like it better this way that we were there together." I was so glad that Jae had the same idea as us!!
I just wanted to write a little salute to grandma. When she died, a sapphire ring she bought in Thailand got split in put into necklaces for her grandchildren. My parents waited to give me mine when I graduated from college.

"Sapphire has long symbolized honesty, truth, sincerity and faithfulness. Tradition holds that Moses was given ten Commandments on tablets of sapphire making it the most sacred gemstone. It is the symbol of pure and wise rulers.
The Sapphire is also the birthstone for September, the month when Beverly Robinson Probert was born, September 10, 1932. When in Thailand in 1975 (where her son Steven was serving a mission), Bev purchased a beautiful sapphire ring with nine blue sapphires-enough for each of her daughters and granddaughters to receive one many years later, after her passing on Aug 8 2003.
When wearing the sapphire pendant, we hope you will remember your Grandma Bev and will remember she stood for honesty, truth, sincerity, and faithfulness and that you are one of her choice jewels, her granddaughter."
When I was given my sapphire, I remember thinking it was the most precious things ever. Plus, it is my favorite stone and color. I said to myself that it was an awesome necklace, but it would look good in a ring. It was originally in a ring , and should be back in a ring.
So, when Steve and I were getting engaged, I wanted a different kind of ring. It came to both of us--"let's put the sapphire as the center piece in my ring". Steve was so great to go along with it. I am so glad that my grandma will always be close to my heart. She is one of my closest friends and I know that she is looking after me from heaven.
I only wish I could be as amazing as her one day. Her strength, courage, faith, love, charity, sincerity are amazing.
I miss you grandma and I love you so much!!