Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Steve's wonderful work gave everyone free tickets to Lagoon this past week (good thing, since it is now $35 just to get in). I first want to really thank my AUNT SHERRI FOR WATCHING ANDY. She took Andy for a couple of hours so Steve and I could ride the big kids ride for a little bit. THANKS FOR MAKING IT SO WE COULD HAVE A BLAST SHERRI!!!!!I remember the good old days of a "14 year old" at Lagoon. Go there to hang out, maybe come back with a boyfriend. They really have added some fun new rides since those days I must say. The favorite is definitely the new one WICKED. You go straight up, and then straight down then zigzag all around. SO SCARY. So good. Spider was pretty cool too. I really just loved all the new rides. I forgot that I have a little fear of heights. Still managed to go on all the rides. It was the perfect day for the Lagoon--a little overcast, so the weather was just wonderful and I think it scared people off. We only had to wait in line for Wicked. All the other rides we just got in. It was so great!!!

Steve's work was providing a lunch, so Steve wanted Andy there with us to "show her off". Sherri was so great to just bring her right up there so she could be with us. Andy was so much fun to have.

She loved the Carousel, which really surprised me. So, Steve and each took turns riding with her and by her. We also went on the train and saw all the animals which she, of course, loved. Toward the end of our day we decided to see if we could take her on the HUGE Ferris Wheel. While in line, dear little gal fell asleep on her daddy's shoulders.
She has never done that before...we must have worn her out. I thought it was so cute, I couldn't handle it.

Overall, we truly had a blast at Lagoon and all of us wore ourselves out. I am now sick I think from it. Is it worth the $35 dollars? I don't think anything is worth that, but we would go on a discount day again and next time do Lagoon-a-beach! Although, I recommend going on a cloudy day---way cooler and way less people!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Momma on the news...

I copied this from my friends blog. It is only appropriate as I have dedicated way too much time to IDOL. GO ARCHIE! WE love you no matter what happens tonight---thought last night was the best finale, best two finalist ever on idol!! I want to remind everyone back in the auditioning process (before I knew he was from UTah) I thought he would go all the way. Just check out my idol blog for proof!!

Momma did have her 2 seconds of Glory...she is the one saying "I am asking you to Marry my daughter."

Friday, May 16, 2008

Moving, Momma's Day, & Madness...

It has been what feels like a very long period of time since I have been able to get back into blogging. We are MOSTLY moved in, so I thought it was time to catch up and "backlog"...starting with the move out. This whole thing is going to be a long long one---WARNING..

I could not have even pretended to move without all my little helpers. I was so overwhelmed with all I had to do and stressed to capacity that I literally would have gone crazy without all the help.

Thanks to my visiting teacher Genevieve who spent a min of two days helping me pack boxes. Momma, I am so glad Dad let you come down and help us out. You don't know how much we really needed your support and help. This was my first BIG move with my own things and I needed an expert. Many people tried to get us boxes--and we used ALL of them--so thank you so much.

To the rest of the helpful family--those extra trips to Layton to help move alot of our things prior made it so we could get organized thanks for all the time you put in and for caring. Thanks to those who unloaded the UHAUL with Steve. Steve, you did amazing---so much work you put into hauling everything here and there. It was not light stuff either.

Last but not least--thanks to my entire ward it seems who showed up on moving day to help us load and clean. I was so NOT happy wondering if it was possible to get it done before they came. I could not believe the support that was shown and the people that stayed most of the day and scrubbed our house and gave of their time. You made it possible and we can't thank all of you enough!!!

On a small note for now--I am loving Layton. It is so nice to have family so close---it really is. We have been so blessed to have this opportunity and are very grateful. Still have a few things to organize, but I feel like we can function with what is done already.

MOMMA's DAYIt was a momma's day that if I didn't experience it personally, I would not beleive all the craziness...This was my first momma's day as a momma of perfection and we wanted ( Steve and I) to make it very special...That is too calm a word for how it ended up...

We were planning on attending my cousin's farewell so we spent the night at my aunts. About when we were ready for church, I realized I was low on insulin and would almost be out after church. We also realize that my insulin is back at our apt. in provo and we are in Bountiful.

Steve being the person that he is, offered to drive to Provo and get it. I was so sad that he had to do that, but grateful my husband would do that for me and allow me to be with my mom and see my cousin.
Steve didn't charge his cell, so he had to take mom's with him---(oh the craziness hasn't even begun). He calls me when he is in Salt Lake to tell me that he does NOT have the key to the apartment. "ARE YOU SERIOUS?" Of course---but, he can't turn back so he decides he will have to break in.
Steve arrives and IN HIS SUIT goes through the window. He found the insulin, missed the
farewell, but got it to me in time.

I took my cell to church ( which I NEVER do--I HATE when people do that btw) so I could tell Steve how to get there. I put it on vibrate. Somehow...I lost it. Couldn't call and find it cause it wasn't on the ringer.

After church I wandered up and down and outside, all the places I had been---looking, frantically for my cell ( Of course it is missing right). I call Steve on my aunts cell to explain directions. We could not find the cell, so we spoke to the bishop and told him to call my uncle if he heard anything, but we deemed it lost since apparently people love to steal ( and I DID HAVE IT OUTSIDE)

I was so upset. Momma missed her flight--uh huh--MISSES HER FLIGHT! So, we are rushing to take her to the airport. We are driving there, when she realizes that she forgot her cell phone. I was so mad. It was already too nutz and crazy. So, we turned around to get her cell phone. Luckily we knew where it was.
We get to the airport and the people weren't sure what we could do with mom. I couldn't go in the whole time with her cause I didn't have a ticket and I couldn't know if she got on the plain cause I didn't have a phone. So, just more worry...

The Bishop called and said they had my phone. THANK YOU SO MUCH WHOMEVER TURNED IT IN! We went back to the house and got my phone, ready for the insanity to end. We heard that mom needed to do stand by for a flight, but she should be fine.

I just couldn't believe all the craziness. With the move--everything at that point was in an uproar. Really, lost things, not sure where my head was...Something nuts was bound to happen.

We came home to a nice turkey dinner with Steve's mom. It was just what I needed. Then Steve and I had our own little momma's day which he presented me "SO SEXY" Shampoo, conditioner, and other PRODUCT. He also got me my very own copy of TWILIGHT. You can take a hint

Overall, I really did enjoy the day and looking back it is funny. It usually is after that fact. This leads me to my little perfection. I love my little gal. I just stare at her and am so grateful for everything that she is. She changes so much every single day. This week she is not only army crawling, but she sits and stands on her own. She is ready for big things. And all this happened withing the week. What a blessing she is to all of us. I just hope I can be the momma she needs...

Our day with David

So much to catch up on...but I have to start with seeing David Archie....Mom and I were the first people at Murray High at noon. My dad graduated from there, so that's the place we decided to be. We somehow managed to park in the Highschool lot (don't ask, I don't want to remember that part)

Because we were first, we received ALOT of David Archuletta shirts. I wanted to take a pic ( with our sad camera) of us in line, only to discover that I have no memory card. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? That is the whole reason we came--so we could flaunt our times to our family...POINTLESS NOW.

SO, I was determined. I run to the nearest Cosco--cause we couldn't lose our parking spot. I bought a card...came running back ( mind you, this took over 30 minutes) only to find out I had the wrong card. I knew Cosco didn't have the right one ( I have to tell this part of the story because it took up half of my time and if you only knew the hills I ran up and down).

I decided to run to Best Buy---halfway there, I realized I had to wallet, so had to run back up the hill. LONG STORY SHORT---I finally got the card, got really low and almost passed out. YIKES

They let us through and momma and I are first ones there. We are front row seated behind the "VIP" people who have not yet arrived. WE are loving it. So, we set up lawn chairs and just chill and watch the gajillion (yes my word for too many to describe) people arrive.

OH, that anticipation. Somehow, in the middle of all of this...they cut the "tape" dividing everything. Mom and I must have not been paying attention cause next thing you know hoards of people are trampling all over us. I just held my baby and covered my head and eyes as they trampled past us.

So, what started as front row seats, ended up as back row---even though we were there first. I was so sad. It seemed like it took David FOREVER to arrive. They kept psyching us out. Momma and I really got into it and she made a poster that said "David, Marry my Daughter. I came all the way from Oregon to ask you that." Mom managed to get an interview with Channel 4 and they did in fact air one little clip of it.

He finally arrived and they had a "parade" where somehow I managed to get in the front minus the media. I screamed with all the little girls and they were laughing with me. David sand 3 songs, and I just want to say that he REALLY IS THAT GOOD. WOW. The media kept stealing him away, which I thought was tacky since it was fan day. At least Budda and I are BFF now.

Overall, I am so glad we went. He was great to see and who knows when we will be able to do something like that again. WE will be voting for you DAVID. WE LOVE THAT ARCHIE FROM UTAH!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

David David David

We sure picked a crazy week to be moving out---my bro and his mission, then Archuletta comes to town. I really wasn't going to blog--but this is just to rub in my sister's face. I took about 50 pics, went through a whirlwind just to do it....this one is my favorite.....HE IS SO CUTE!!! As soon as we are moved in I will do a HUGE post about it and show a slide show, for now....

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Elder Probert

What an emotional day today! I know I wasn't going to be able to write for a while, but I really need a little outlet for a second to express how much I love my little bro.Little (or huge I should say) Seth Mark Probert entered the MTC today. There really is an amazing spirit about the MTC, and I, as usual, was really nostalgic and sentimental.Seth looked absolutely amazing and I died when I was sitting next to him. I just kept thinking of how I have never met anyone more ready ( including myself) and prepared than my bro. I am so proud of him and all that he has done and his huge heart and amazing spirit he carries with him. He will represent the Lord full heartedly. What a wonderful spirit.

I didn't cry until they showed the "called to serve" video with the lights off. It wasn't cause of missing him, just really a strong spirit about it and awwhhh.
Mckay wouldn't like it if I didn't mention momma fainting. That is right. She must have stood up too fast or something, but when she hugged Seth she passed out. It actually helped me to stop crying. When she calmed down, I didn't really lose it until Seth ( Elder Probert) walked away. Wow, what a feeling.You are also wearing the PROBERT name...many are looking to you bro and praying for you. We are so proud and love you so much.

OK, no more blogging for at least a week---so much to do.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Fellow Bloggers.....

To all my faithful readers of this blog---I know you are few and far between, but I want to say thanks for caring and keeping tabs on me and the fam. You make blogging so much more fun to do. I love reading your comments...I think that is really what I look forward to.

I wanted to let all 4 (ok, I know there is more that look, but not many comment) of you I wanted to let you know we are in hurry and pack and crazy mode right now. This week is moving week, next week is moving in week, and the week after is set up computer.

In other words, I have no idea when I will be able to post. It is hard for me to stay away--so I will probably end up doing it alot more than I originally think. But, for now, this is to let you know that don't give up and not come back. We will return soon...just need to focus on packing and everything right now. As soon as we are all set up with my inlaws I am sure I will have a lot to say (knowing me I will post tonight or tomorrow anyway).

I am sorry I won't be checking out your blogs for a while. I will return soon though. We love you all fam and friends. Keep us in your prayers during this crazy time in our lives.

Friday, May 2, 2008

"Momma, Don't Leave Me!"

There are probably a million words I could use to describe my day yesterday, but the two I am going with is--CHALLENGING!!! and GRATEFUL!
I am not sure if Andrea is sick, teething, or what, but she would not let me leave her. By leave her, I mean put her down for a second. Sometimes she gets a little fussy if I am not in the room with her, but yesterday she screamed like mad if I wasn't holding her. At first, I didn't do anything about it, ( I should also note that she is at that stage where she puts anything and everything in her mouth, so can't ever be left alone in a room for a second) but as the day went on I realized she needed comfort somehow. When I looked into her tear filled eyes as I walked in another room and see her saying to me "Momma, please don't leave me. I need you" my heart melts and I run to my little babe to comfort her.

This did not make showering and doing my hair easy ( which I rarely do, but really wanted to for some reason yesterday). When this all began I was upset and frustrated. As the day went on, I found joy in it. I loved the fact that Andy knows her mom and needs her.

I just held her and thanked heaven for this beautiful gift that I have been blessed to take care of and be in my life. I have never felt anything like this before. Someone needs me to survive. What a powerful feeling! What a great emotional sensation.

I thought about momma's day around the corner and this one being my first. All I really want is to hold my baby in my arms, have my husband by my side, and just feel of their love. I am so grateful to be a momma. I never knew if my body would let that happen. I feel so blessed and overjoyed to have part in raising one of Heavenly Father's choicest little angels.

I have been sent these little cartoons like ten times, so I thought I would finally make an effort and post them here. The first time I was sent them was from an old friend who loved how I freak out about everything with my baby. I am still learning so much...but here are some helpers: