Saturday, June 12, 2010

Matching finally!

Since my girls are have a bit of a range in their age, it is really hard for me to find matching outfits for them ( my mom did it to me as I kid, I hated it then, but now that I am a momma---I AM ALL ABOUT MATCHING
Not only is it so much fun, but it is so cute and rare to find similar outfits.  See, usually the range is from baby to one year, but I happened to find matches for baby to 5 years old! Gotta love it baby!This one is my favorite of the bunch.  Rodda was so into the camera when it blinked, she stopped smiling!
For easter I dressed the WHOLE family in yellow.  I don't know why, but I LOVE DOING THAT. I try to do it as often as possible!

Friday, June 11, 2010

OUr steakout at New Orleans

And the winner is by a landslide....
No only is it a 4 bedroom 3 FULL bath townhome, it has huge closet space, ad fenced yard that opens to the park, no utilities or anything added, and IT IS ON THE BASE (you cant get any safer than that)

This is Steve standing next to the closet!

Steve still has not been commissioned , so everything hasn't worked out with all that yet...hopefully he will be commissioned in time for us move there.  If not, we have backup plans that we aren't thrilled about but  will do if we have to!Steve was sitting in an army chair wearing his army shirt...Can you even see him sitting there?  Yes, we tend to be really silly sometimesThis is a very famous spot in the french quarters that we visited...CAFE DU MONDE.  We were told we had to ccome here and try a beignet. It really just tasted a LOT like a scone with LOTS of powdered sugar on  top (really, people say don't go on a windy day, and we didn' t get it ntil it got windy and powdered sugar was everywhere)!
This really was the only time during our visit that we had any kind of break.  We were just so busy the entire time checking the place out, looking for a place to live that it was nice to breathe for a couple of hoursThese guys were VERY interesting.  We were just walking down the street, and they were across the street from us...I started clapping and getting into it from across the street.  They said "pay us pay us " to which I responded " I am across the street".  So, of course they ran to my side of the street and started dancing.  They were TAPPING with pop cans nailed to their feet.  I HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THAT BEFORE!  Then, I found something like 70 cents in my wallet, and thinking these two guys were friends, gave it to one guy ( intending it for the other) and he ran across the street with it and wouldn't give it to his friend.  IT WAS SO WEIRD>


When we arrived in New Orleans (as we quickly learned, it is pronounce NHAR LINNS--) it was 10 at night, we had to rush to get our rental car.  We had mapquested to our hotel, but soon discovered that if you veer off mapquest, good luck finding your way back.

 EVERY SINGLE STREET is a one way...and When a street says it is going west, somehow it ends up going north more of the time than west.  And of course there is construction, the entire city SHOULD be construction after what happened to it...

After a few hours of back and forth and not daring to stop and ask for directions, going in definetly the WRONG neighborhood more than once---we found our hotel.  We try and check in, and the lady explains to us we have to pay for valet parking everyday since parking is bad ( we get that we have been outside for hours).  She then says  "That will be ahllevan twahnty shevan."


"Ahllevan twahnty shevan."


This goes on a few more tries until the woman gets really frustrated with us and looks at us like we are aliens.  US THE ALIENS? You are the one who just made up your own language.  We finally discover she was saying "11.00" SERIOUSLY?  REALLY?  I didn't know moving here meant I had to learn a whole new language.

That was just the beginning of it.  We seriously didn't understand any EBONICS that we heard anywhere we went.  And yes, we were the only WHITE people everywhere we went (sorry there is no other way of putting it).  We finally got speaking to one lady who we completely understood as she was giving us directions. "go up over the bridge, turn to your right, then go under...keep going, then turn LAAAAFT."

I turn to my husband and give the look that says" Did she really just say left that way." I was commpletely with her until she said LAAFT.

The trip was very, ummm, educational to put it lightly.  I really am not use to being the minority (and by minority I mean when we went to the supermarket my husband and I were the ONLY ONLY white people in there).  I have no problems with this, just if it brings attention to myself. We were told by several people that in NARLINNS there aren't dangerous areas, every area is dangerous.  One street could be completely safe, but the other street is completely overtaken by gangs.  You just have to know where to go (that's really comforting).

No one understood why it was so expensive to live their either.  Since they are trying to rebuild the city.  Let me see if I can try and explain-- Because of all the sad things that have happened in the city, insurance for everything has gone up.  Car, rental, house, etc. insurance.  So, to make up for it, prices of EVERYTHING have gone up ( a two bedroom apt is $1200, and milk was over $4).

The base itself seemed like the safest place, but the surrounding area just outside the base was some of the scariest places I have seen ( including Chicago with bulletproof chapels, but that was BEFORE KAtrina..many people have left the city now so you can guess who stayed).

It would  be a different story if I was looking at it from ME eyes.  But I have 2 little girls that I am caring for, that completely changes your perspective one EVERYTHING.  I am still very excited to move and start our new adventure.  I am glad we took a trip out there before so I wouldn't be in shock when we actually move.  It will definetly

I know that it will be very different and a challenge.  I am still confident we have it in us for this incredible move.  PLease keep us in your prayers.  I really hate moving!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Other blog...

I will be doing 2 blogs now....This one dedicated to family life and my other one...dedicated to diabetic survival.

Check it out and let me know what you think...

Monday, June 7, 2010

Keeping it real....

 After my last post I received so many different responses and emails that it got me thinking.... While I think we should all keep a positive outlook on life (otherwise we can sink into deep depression, what's the point of trying really)..I also think it is important to keep it real.

 By that, I mean, I am not going to pretend to be someone I am not.  I think one of the reasons I got so many comments was that I was being completely vulnerable, open, and honest with my feelings. 

 I don't know about you--but sometimes it is refreshing to hear someone say what I am really thinking.  Someone who comes along and makes me feel like " OK, I am not INSANE...I am not the only person who feels that way...."  All of the responses I got I truly appreciated, and really needed and I thank you all for your amazing comments.  I continue to learn from the glorious people I am surrounded by!


  I could choose to be upset that there are LOADS of dirty laundry yet to do---and the clean laundry from two weeks ago still isn't put away...Or that I haven't even begun to unpack from our NOLA vacation that was a week ago...Or that I haven't brushed my hair in 2 days...Or that there isn't ONE clean room in my ENTIRE house...

 I could turn it around and look at what I did accomplish today, while it isn't much, I am glad I have some positives in my life today...

Things that made me proud of myself--
--I made my husband breakfast in bed this morning--Andy helped me and we had a LOT of fun!
--I went to the store with a list of meals I want to cook for the week, and stuck to the list...
--I took a shower today (yes, that DOES make me proud cause it is rare)
--I bathed BOTH of my daughters.
--I actually DID the dishes (this is also HUGE and is RARE--Andy pretended to help as she stood by me).
--I played outside with my daughters today...
--I made some pumpkin cookies and jello.

  I am slowly learning that what one person can accomplish in one day would be a miracle to hit one of those things for another person.  It is so easy to compare and say "What is wrong with me?  Why can't I do that?"  I am learning to know that my strengths and weaknesses are not anothers.  I have so much to learn from others.  While learning from them, I need not put myself down for not doing all they do, but be proud of what I can do in my particular situation.

 I am, once again, grateful for the strength I receive from the LORD.  I am learning more and more how to depend on him.  I think I still don't get it, but maybe one day I will rely on him like he wants me to.  I know he loves me for me and being real.

PS...I am in the process of starting a whole new blog that is dedicated to my daily struggles of a woman with diabetes and life in general.  I still want to keep a blog that is mainly focused on my beautiful children and what they are doing...

Sunday, June 6, 2010


 You know those mom's whose kid's hair always seems to be perfectly done?  Whose kids sit perfectly quiet, entertained and still during a church meeting.  The mom's whose house you walk in and their house is just clean clean clean.  Those mom's who always have a HEALTHY MEAL prepared at morning, noon and night for their family to feast upon.  Those mom's who have a schedule for their kids, and they follow it.  Those mom's whose kids are brilliant cause they have the patience to spend five hours a day teaching and drilling their kids.  The kind of mom who is friends with everyone and manages to run the PTA, and all other events in life and keep it together!  Those mom's who after all this still manage to have perfect hair makeup, and manage those HEELS.  ( and yes, I do know plenty of people who are THAT--- a  SUPERMOM---I wish I could be like you Sara, Page, Becky, Bev.....etc....)

 Well, I AM NOT ONE OF THOSE MOMS!  I am not even close...

  It all started with those dang HEELS. .......

  Besides barely having the energy to pour cereal for my oldest in the morning...I am lucky to get her dressed with a diaper (yep, she is 3 and not potty trained...uh huh--) let alone pretend to do her hair. 

 After getting my gals all ready for church, I thought today I might have a shower and try to look presentable.  After my short --not long enough at all--shower (can't leave them alone too long) , I pull my hair in a pony and put on mascara.  I thought, I just shaved, I want to try some heels today ...Maybe I might feel even a smidgen of pretty today. 

  BAD IDEA...VERY VERY BAD IDEA.  Of course, I trip all over the place and can barely walk.  Who am I kidding really?  How am I going to take my UHAUL of a diaper bag, the baby car seat and ANDY, while smiling and walking in heels?  All the SUPERMOMS out there manage to do it, plus all their other SUPERMOM feats, I just want to conquer the heels...PLEASE, JUST THE HEELS! 

  To no avail.  I made it to church and the heels came right off.  I wasn't even going to pretend to smile.  Keeping it real--I break down real easy. !!  Sitting in church thinking of how messy my house is and how I never seem to have any energy to do anything about that!  Wondering if my daughter will forgive me for having leftovers for the fourth night in a row...Looking around me at amazing people who seem to have it together. And I have NO excuse at all.  I am blessed to be at home with my gals, so what is my problem?  Look at those supermoms (and they really are just being moms most of them...not going above and beyond...just being themselves...,)

 They have it so together, they wouldn't even make me feel bad for being insane.  They all try and give me some great advice---try putting your kids to bed at a certain time, have your daughter help you more, take YOU time.  While I appreciate the advice, I KNOW ME. 

  I am not meant to be a SUPERMOM (the best is most supermoms are in denial of it and would not just admit how great they are)...and I am ok with that.  My gals are loved, very loved, they get fed and they get their momma!  I have the blessed opportunity to be a momma, and there were plenty of times in my life I never thought that was a possibility on so many levels!  I know I am inadequate, but that's ok..

 I have learned I can't do it alone ...I know the saviour will pick up my slack.  He will lift me when I need lifting.  If I look to him and point my children to him, then I know I am doing what I need to.  I am so glad that I know this.  I would crumble and fall apart ( I feel like I do that anyways) without this knowledge.  I am so glad for the strength I receive and the help I get.  I am glad I have someone I can vent all my frustrations and anxieties outlet (kind of using this blog for that too huh?) 

 On that note, I better go get my gal who isn't taking her nap.  So much for alone time!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dinner in the morning?

  I woke up today and realized that I hadn't packed a lunch for my husband.  So, I decided to make tonights dinner this morning so he could have it for his diner tonight.

  I have now decided that I should try to make all my nighttime dinners in the day, morning, sometime early.  Not only does that get it done and out of the way, but it ensures that we will actually have a meal at night.  See, we love to go outside and play (especially during the summer)...and sometimes we have so much fun, we lose track of time or just get distracted as time passes.

 I cannot tell you how many times we come running in at seven, we are all starved, and nobody wants to wait a half hour for a meal.  For these reasons, I have decided to try and make the meal in the mornings...(don't get me wrong, I am not that motivated or orgnaized at all---not like half the SUPER MOMS I know out there).  Wish me luck with my new adventure!